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How To Optimize Your Health With 5 Daily Tips

Maintaining good health is essential for living a happy and fulfilling life. By optimizing our health, we can improve our …

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Removing and Downsizing Breast Implants

Every year, hundreds of thousands of women in the United States receive breast implants, either to reconstruct a breast lost …

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Who Knew Brushing Your Teeth Could Be Life Saving? How Good Oral Health Care Can Reduce Other Health Risks

Our parents, our dentists and popular culture have always touted the benefits of great oral …


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Positive Qualities To Look For in a Nursing Home

Positive Qualities To Look For in a Nursing Home

While moving a loved one into a nursing home is an emotional decision, choosing the right facility can turn the process into a positive occasion.


6 Common Misconceptions About Life Insurance

Most people have heard of life insurance, but many people do not have a policy. …

Safety Measures for Older People With Dementia

Safety Measures for Older People With Dementia

People with dementia suffer from a list of problems that complicate living. These complications will lead to dangers that need precautions to ensure safety.

Preparation Tips for Caring for Your Elderly Parents

Preparation Tips for Caring for Your Elderly Parents

Family is important, and so is senior care. Return the love your parents showed you with these preparation tips for caring for your elderly parents.

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Baptist Homes Society President and CEO Alvin W. Allison Jr. Announces Retirement

On Thursday, October 14, Alvin W. Allison Jr. publicly announced that he will be retiring …

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Tips to Help Older Adults in Pennsylvania Learn How to Reduce Risk for Falls During Prevention Month

By Dr. Maria Dahl, UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement of Pennsylvania As we age, we begin …

Delay the Disease is a ‘Movement’ at Providence Point

Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease requires a mix of medication, therapies, and lifestyle changes dependent on …

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Providence Point Offers Taste Tour with No Travel Required

Pittsburgh senior living community dishes out cultures from its own kitchen From the sunny shores of …

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What Makes Senior Home Care Facilities the Ideal and Comfortable Choice?

Grandparents are the pillars of building the perfect family. Their life experiences, wisdom and maturity …

Important Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Important Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

When the summer season finally rolls around, it’s only natural that you want to spend …

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Adaptive Vehicle Equipment That Will Make Your Life Easier

Adaptive Vehicle Equipment That Will Make Your Life Easier

Mobility issues can have a significant impact on your life. With this adaptive equipment, you can get around on your own in safety and comfort.

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5 Tips For Making the Most of Your Medicare Plan This Year

Do you spend your Sunday mornings scouring the newspaper inserts for coupons? Make it a …


What Should You Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home?

By Robert F. Daley Making the decision to put yourself, or a spouse, or a parent, …


5 Ways to Support Senior Patients and Their Families During the Holidays

The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to support your senior care patients and their …