About Us

Pittsburgh Healthcare Report, a digital consumer health publication, is a journalistic enterprise launched in December 2011 with support from our parent publication, Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News. It is the first and only digital publication in the Pittsburgh region dedicated to covering healthcare exclusively. 

Our mission is simple—to inform and educate the general public on health and wellness issues. The need for timely, intelligent information for the healthcare community is more critical than ever.

As your trusted information partner, we wanted to end static, offline reading experience and unite print, mobile and web initiatives by connecting print to the digital world. Through this digital publication and our social media networks, we will publish our own news stories, highlight news from the healthcare industry in the region, and feature regular guest experts. In addition, we will link to the most important health-related stories reported around the country.

For more information, please contact Daniel Casciato, at writer@danielcasciato.com or 412-607-9808.