The Comfort Project: Rewarding Nursing on the Front Lines of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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On April 20th, Levana Bratique launched a local initiative to give back to the nurses who are working in our hospitals and nursing homes directly with COVID-19 patients.

The pandemic resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak has closed businesses around the country and put many people in the position of having to take risks with their own lives to help others. Levana Bratique is one such business whose doors have been closed since March 16th due to the pandemic.  

Instead of waiting for the economy to open back up, Owner, Judy Masucci, was inspired to give back.

“I have inventory in stock and there are people who need a pick-me-up. As a bra store we pride ourselves on proper fit and not just getting someone an undergarment, but changing their life with it.  A great bra not only enhances your figure – it’s a confidence boost!  While we can’t get out and measure everyone for their properly size bra, we can make those who are working the hardest and taking the most risks comfortable.” said owner, Judy Masucci of Pine Township.

Masucci started a program called “Finding the Helpers” to recognize people in the community who are going above and beyond to help out during the pandemic.  Your neighbor might be sewing masks, someone else is shopping for groceries for the high risk people in their lives and yet another has donated their stimulus check to the food pantry.  This program is designed to recognize those who are helping out.

Every Tuesday in April and May, Levana Bratique recognizes one such person from nominations that are made by their friends, colleagues and families.

To nominate someone in your neighborhood, visit this form:–Q2YITFgkg/viewform

Wanting to do more, Masucci discovered another Lingerie Boutique in Wilimette, IL that was giving comfy gift bags to nurses in local hospitals.  “I wanted to join this project and bring this great idea to Pittsburgh” said Masucci. The project, dubbed The Comfort Project, was started by Larisa Olson of Chantily Lace Lingerie, in Illinois.

Masucci transformed her own store to join The Comfort Project and has started recognizing nurses right here in Pittsburgh. Gift bags contain $75-125 worth of comfy items (PJs, bralettes, candles, gifts and more) and are being given out at hospitals and nursing homes to nurses and CNAs who are working directly with COVID-19 patients. The Comfort Project is looking for sponsors for it’s bags and you can sponsor a Comfort Project Gift Bag at

Judy Masucci is a Ph.D. Scientist turned Bra Fitting Expert.  She lives in Wexford, PA just north of Pittsburgh, where she operates the regions only woman-owned specialty bra boutique, Levana Bratique. Judy has been fitting people in great bras for over 10 years, both virtually and in person. She specializes in hard to find sizes, carrying over 250 different sizes of bras. Often referred to as the “bra whisperer,” Judy has made it her mission to change lives – one bra at a time.

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