How to Stay Safe as the Country Reopens

How to Stay Safe as the Country Reopens

In recent weeks and in the months to come, communities across the nation have started and will continue to step into new phases of reopening. Businesses like dine-in restaurants and non-essential stores will open their doors for customers once again. While everyone is eager to see their friends and favorite businesses, this doesn’t mean that the threat of COVID-19 has disappeared. As we step into this new version of normal, many people are wondering how to stay safe as the country reopens. To help you take care of yourself and your neighbors, here are a few tips to keep in mind throughout the reopening process.

Stay Informed

Reliable and up-to-date information has been crucial throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic thus far. As circumstances, guidelines, and knowledge change, it’s important to continuously stay on top of the updates. Check with CDC guidelines, so you can continue to follow important health and safety measures. Additionally, you should keep checking in with federal, state, and local guidelines. Having the most updated knowledge will ensure you are always prepared for the ever-changing circumstances.

Respect Businesses’ Rules

Businesses are implementing new policies and procedures to keep both customers and employees safe. One of the most important tips for how to stay safe as the country reopens is to respect these policies. When you visit your favorite establishments again, make sure you are aware of and follow all of their guidelines and regulations. There’s a good chance your normal routine will be less convenient or straightforward than it was before the coronavirus pandemic. However, when you take this in stride and make a point of treating others with respect, we can all make the most of this chance to be together again.

Create Safe Gatherings

Now that some local governments are lessening lockdown measures, many people are eager to host gatherings and events again. If you plan on hosting a party, make sure you do so carefully. There are several ways to maintain social distancing during a wedding, party, or any other event. These measures will help protect your guests. While these gatherings will look different than what we’re used to, keep in mind that everyone’s health is still the number one priority.

It’s Still Okay to Stay Home

After weeks of staying home and connecting virtually, everyone is excited for the chance to get out and see their loved ones in person again. These first steps toward reopening can prove beneficial for many peoples’ mental and financial health. However, you should also remember to pace yourself during these tentative changes. If everyone runs out and acts irresponsibly, it could make the problem worse and halt or even reverse our progress. Instead, make smart choices about when and where you go out. By exercising caution now, we can create a safe environment as the country moves further along the road to recovery.

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