How to Look After Yourself in Your Senior Years

Portrait of cheerful senior couple sitting at home

Looking after yourself does not get any easier with age. Elderly people can have many health risks, therefore, there are many factors to consider and ways to alter your lifestyle so that you are not putting yourself at risk of any unwanted health problems.

According to Jane Byrne, project coordinator at a nursing home in Kildare, “Making sure you sleep well is important in terms of what you eat and how you feel.”

Knowing Your Physical Limit 

Do not push yourself too hard, as that can cause physical problems to your body. Depending on your lifestyle and whether you are still working, alter how you approach physical activities accordingly. Although it can be hard to accept that your body has different restrictions now, avoid forcing yourself to do things, as doing this could cause serious injury. If you are naturally a physical person and don’t want age to be an obstacle in your journey, look at fitness workouts that are catered for older people, as these should stay within your comfort zone. 

Having the Right Sleeping Pattern 

Making sure you sleep well is important in terms of what you eat and how you feel. Get to know what changes you may need to make to get the correct amount of sleep for your age. Sleeping well also reduces the risk of becoming overweight, as it improves metabolism, and as you get older, obesity poses a larger threat. 

Adjusting Your Eating Habits

As you get older, making sure you are eating enough vitamins and nutrients becomes even more important as certain foods will help prevent health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. The best way to identify what to include and what not to include in your diet can be based on the changes in nutritional needs as you age. Knowing what specific vitamins and nutrients do for your body will help you maintain a healthier body and allow you to perform to the best of your ability. 

Hydrate with Plenty of Water 

Water is known to have many health benefits, regardless of how old you are. Staying hydrated in your senior years is vital for regulating the body and as you get older, you need water just as much, although the elderly tend to be less thirsty.  Depending on the time of year, this can change your water intake, so maintaining this throughout the year is important, especially for the elderly. Have a read of tips for staying hydrated in every season on the Bevi blog, to get some more insight into the importance of hydration and how to alter how much you drink depending on your plans or the weather throughout the day. Bevi also makes a water dispenser that provides fizzy and flavor options of water. This is ideal for any age, especially for those who may find hydration with water boring at times and want something a bit more interesting.

With these considerations, you are well on the way to improving your life as an older person. Age is nothing to be ashamed of but, unfortunately, it can pose a few health risks. The main thing is embracing your age and accepting that you must make some changes in order to take better care of yourself. 

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