10 Work From Home Healthy Tips Amidst Quarantine

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Due to the spread of COVID-19, community quarantine has made almost every employee a remote worker. The workforce has to adjust to their new working environment while needing to attain the same productivity when inside the office. The sudden transition has been challenging for everyone but maintaining a healthy body is an even more grueling task while facing the pandemic.

In order to be efficient at work, you need to be healthy. You need to allocate enough time for work, and for every other significant task included in your day. It involves time management and commitment to self-care. How do you take care of yourself when you need to work at home amidst the COVID-19 crisis? Below are some tips to help you stay healthy while giving your best performance.

1. Set up your home office.

A conducive workplace is important in achieving your goals for the day. If you have an appropriate spot at home for grinding, you will have a high level of productivity. Set up your workspace according to the principles of ergonomics. A table and a chair are necessary to carry out your tasks. It assists your brain to be prepared for a workday. You will need the right posture in order to do good, so it’s better to use an actual chair instead of the slouchy couch.

2. Have a consistent sleep and work schedule.

To have a fully-working mind and body, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep. Make sure to sleep in a consistent schedule, so that your body clock will not be confused. Go to bed at a proper time.

W. Christopher Winter, MD, the author of The Sleep Solution and the president of North Carolina’s Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine states, “When you’re suddenly at home more, sleep schedules can take a hit as you try and adjust. But sticking to the same wake time and bedtime are crucial aspects of self-care because those contribute to sleep quality. Without that, you may find yourself groggy throughout the day, or with big fluctuations in energy.”

If you don’t have a good quality of sleep, try to work on a consistent sleep schedule immediately.

3. Sweat and refresh yourself.

Spend some time exercising in the morning. It’s a great way of jumpstarting your day, getting ready for work. Establish a workout routine. Sweat sessions can provide you with elevated immune function and increased levels of energy. Exercise invigorates the mind, improves your mood, and sharpens your focus.

4. Get ready for the workday.

Working at home does not mean you don’t have to ready yourself for the workday. The same preparation process should take place, take a shower, freshen up. You really don’t have to wear formal office clothes; you can pick casual wear from your closet. Prepping is a way of telling your body that you’re not sick, it’s not the weekend, and you need to work.

5. Have a home-to-work ‘commute’.

On a normal day going to work, you will designate time for travel. When working from home, you can still allot this time not for travel anymore, but as buffer time. You can grab a cup of coffee, meditate, read, or relax. It will act as your transition phase to working.

6. Have a heavy meal for lunch.

When it’s time for lunch, go get yourself a healthy rice meal. Do not indulge too much on snacking. “The junk food and snacking issue loom large when you start working at home, especially if you’re feeling stressed. Think of eating healthy lunches as another form of self-care, because that gives you the nourishment you need to have consistent energy,” says productivity expert Tonya Dalton. Prepare your lunch as early as possible.

7. Set occasional breaks.

Set time for small breaks in between tackling tasks. This strategy is linked to the Pomodoro technique. Every 25 minutes of work is called a Pomodoro. After finishing one, you will take a 5-minute break. After four consecutive Pomodoros or 100 minutes, you will take a 15-minute break. For a work-from-home schedule to work, you will really need commitment, discipline, and intention.

8. Stay hydrated and wash your hands often.

Drink plenty of water. Do it more often. Being healthy means being hydrated all the time. This is one way to keep yourself from getting sick or acquiring any disease or illness. As a precautionary measure, wash your hands properly every now and then. After that, use alcohol with a 70% solution or a hand sanitizer to disinfect. Contact the supplier of hand sanitizer if you’re out of stock. Disinfecting is essential in battling against the COVID-19 pandemic.

9. Don’t overwork yourself.

Know when to stop working. Assign what time you should clock out and try your best to finish your tasks within the given time frame. You should determine when you must quit working for the day. Overworking will lead to burnout and exhaustion. Maintain a good work-life balance.

10. Devote time for self-care.

Lastly, make yourself a priority. This not only means you have to indulge in food, beauty products, and beauty rest, but it’s about looking for ways to make yourself better, healthy, improved, and emotionally stable. You must find your peace and happiness in what you do. Your work should not make you fed up. So, take care of yourself and use your time wisely especially that you’re in this season. 

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