WVU’s Breast Care Center Provides Same-Day Screening Results

When a woman has a mammogram, she typically has to wait days before receiving the results from the screening. Recognizing the stress that this can cause, the  Betty Puskar Breast Care Center at West Virginia University’s Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center in Morgantown has begun providing same-day screening results.

“Women experience a lot of anxiety following a mammogram,” Barb Menear, manager of the Breast Care Center, said. “We are striving to eliminate that. Instead of waiting for a letter in the mail or a phone call, they simply wait in our solarium to receive their screening results. If they need further images or additional procedures, we do them that day before they head out the door.”

She added that several major breast care centers throughout the country are offering same-day results for mammography screenings, but WVU is one of the few offering the service in West Virginia.

And, the response has been favorable.

“Women tell us they love it,” Menear said. “They walk out knowing that they don’t need to come back for another year or that they need follow-up care.”

Same day screening results at WVU Healthcare’s Breast Care Center are offered from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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