Why Do Many People Opt to Vape?

While smoking is a way for some to relieve themselves from stress, it’s still harmful to your health. Tobacco contains thousands of toxic chemicals that can lead to many lung problems, including cancer, not to mention the unwanted smell of smoke. 

In 2003, Hon Lik, a 52-year-old pharmacist, invented the very first commercially successful e-cigarette. His father died of lung cancer due to heavy smoking, so he thought of ways to aid people in finding an alternative to smoking tobacco. Thus, the very first e-cigarette was born. 

Since then, the innovation of electronic cigarettes began. Many vape shops like Vapour Depot, carry various vape tank designs, e-cigs, and, most of all, hundreds of delicious vape juice flavours to choose from. 

How Vape Can Help in Smoke Cessation

One of the reasons a person transitions to vaping is due to its less harmful effects than tobacco. Although many still question the effectivity of vaping in smoking cessation, a study has proved that vaping is an effective method as compared to nicotine replacement therapy. 

E-cigarettes and vape machines are 95% less harmful than tobacco. 

Do E-Liquids Contain Nicotine?

Yes. Vape juices contain nicotine, but do not consist of teeth-discolouring tar that you would typically get from tobacco. With vaping, you can have the option to get a vape juice with low nicotine content as well as nicotine-free e-liquids with a variety of flavours. 

This October, the Public Health of England is holding an event that encourages individuals to stop smoking. Therefore, if you plan to quit smoking, choosing a ‘healthier’ vape liquid with less or no nicotine will help you withdraw from smoking addiction.

One of the must-try, nicotine-free flavours from Vapour Depot is the Coil Star Shortfill e-Liquid. These juice blends are nicotine-free and sugar-free, which keep your coils last longer. Coil Star Shortfill e-Liquid is also easy on the wallet, making it an excellent juice choice. 

The selection of vape juice is limitless. When vape was introduced in the market, the flavours available were not as exciting as the ones being sold in the market today. Nowadays, you can conveniently enjoy dessert and popular beverage flavours like Coca-Cola from vaping without worrying about the calories. 

Other Benefits of Vape Use

In a climate-changing world, many environmentalists promote the ban of single-use packaging and plastic fragments that can be harmful to the environment. As you know, traditional cigarettes contain a filter at the end, which cannot be re-used or recycled. Thousands of marine animals have been found dead from ingesting microplastics, including cigarette butts.

Therefore, with vaping, you can immediately eliminate ashes and cigarette butts from reaching the ocean. It is an eco-friendlier way to de-stress while conveniently enjoying your favourite flavours anytime and anywhere.

Another benefit of vaping is eliminating the unpalatable cigarette smell off of your clothes, hands, and breath. And no one will ever complain that you smell like smoke because you can choose from hundreds of different delicious-smelling flavours available on the market.  

Overall, if you are new at vaping, it is essential to ask for advice from vape experts. You can save lots of money as well as time in choosing the most suitable vape machine and e-liquid flavours for you. 

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