Top 10 Health and Wellness Trends for 2019

Health is one of the things money can’t buy. Therefore, we need to put an effort into maintaining good health both mental and physical. And, 2019 is the year when people turn more to themselves, their health and wellbeing. Here are the top 10 Health and wellness trends for this year.

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Although it’s been known for its incredible benefits for many years, this year CBD will take over the market. Namely, it’s going to be part of many products, such as skin care products and medications. Moreover, there will be more CBD products, such as CBD oil balm and CBD supplements, which will bring us into an era of plant-based wellness.

Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic herbs, turmeric and holy basil have been known for their healing properties for thousands of years. Although they have been used by lots of people around the world, this year they are going to show up everywhere. So, you will be able to find them in smoothies, adaptogenic supplements, and other products on the market.

Nature As Remedy

Living in a fast-paced world, over-worked, and under constant stress, we have forgotten our basic needs. As a result, we harmed our health. It’s no wonder that most of us feel exhausted and nervous all the time. But, this year, people will turn to nature to use its healing powers, instead of using medications. In fact, doctors will start prescribing activities in nature, such as a walk or swimming, instead of pills for your back pain.


Wanting to find a way to deal with every day’s stress, people will start practicing mindfulness. Hence, they will start using techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, and breathing, to become conscious of their mind and body and learn what’s happening to them and around them. Additionally, that will help them control anxiety and their reactions to stressful situations.

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Healthy Eating

Having in mind that “You are what you eat”, people will change their eating habits. Namely, they will turn their back on fast food and will start eating more healthy food. Therefore, they will start eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains, and other products in their most natural state.


Although most people aren’t fond of exercises and don’t work out, this year they will realize the importance of being in a good physical shape. Moreover, they will find a connection between working out and emotional energy. Therefore, they will start practicing yoga or meditate to combine their spiritual and physical self.


Spending most of their time stressing over their job while managing their private lives, people don’t have time for themselves. But, this year, they will start realizing that happiness is in the small things. Therefore, they will turn to the basics and will start creating moments worth living for. They will start doing some simple things, such as taking a long bath while they listen to their favorite music.

Disconnecting From The Digital world

Most of us aren’t aware of the amount of time we spend online. Regardless of whether we read news, scroll Instagram or watch YouTube videos, we spend more than half of our day on the Internet. Being overexposed and addicted to Internet, especially social media, people will start realizing that they don’t have time for anything else. So, they will gradually start disconnecting from the digital world.

Body Acceptance

Not all people are equal. While some can eat fast food without gaining a pound, others eat healthy and can’t become fit. It’s because our bodies also depend on our genetics and structure, apart from the metabolism and the food we eat.

That’s why people around the world fight against skinny as normal body type and 3-day diets that harm our health. They want to encourage everyone to accept their bodies and love the way they look. Additionally, they emphasize the fact that being skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy. This year, this body acceptance movement will go big.

Money Management

At first, this sounds silly. But, having in mind that money play a big role in our lives, they affect our wellbeing. Being aware of this, people will start thinking about managing them better. Hence, they will identify what they really need and what they just want to have and will spend their money on important things. Moreover, they will think more about budgeting and planning their expenses so they can spend wisely, instead of going into debts unnecessarily.

It can be noticed that 2019 is a year for transforming our health and wellbeing. Starting from using nature as a medicine to simplifying our lives, people will make tremendous changes in the way they live. So, it’s no doubt that this year will put our overall health in focus.

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