5 Powerful Tips for Overcoming Your Addiction and Staying Sober


You’ve taken the big step to fight your addiction and stay clean. Yet, when 40-60% of addicts relapse within their first year, you know it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Don’t let a relapse sneak up on you. Take back your power by learning how to control your urges and start a new, healthy lifestyle.

To help you reach your goals, let’s look at five tips for overcoming addiction and staying sober.

1. Build a Healthy Support Network

Don’t try to get through your addiction alone. Build a healthy network to lean on when times get tough.

End toxic relationships that enabled your addiction. Instead, keep sober friends and family around even if your relationship with them isn’t what it used to be. Use that time to make amends and build stronger bonds.

Also, consider talking to a counselor and find a peer support group, such as this treatment program.

2. Make Some Changes

You can’t create new habits by following old ones. The key to staying sober is to develop new routines that keep you from falling back into old ways.

For example, don’t hang around the same people who fed your addiction. Or take a new route to work that doesn’t go past old hangouts.

Also, try to set up a structured routine since an erratic schedule can hinder your recovery. Having an organized lifestyle will make it easier to reach your goals.

3. Start an Activity That Means Something to You

A great way to stay sober is to find an activity you enjoy and one that makes you feel good.

You could start an exercise routine or join a sports team. Staying active will better your health and release endorphins that keep you feeling happy.

Or try volunteering for a cause you believe in. It’s a chance to make a positive difference and meet new friends who share your interests.

4. Develop Ways to Manage Stress

Dealing with stressful situations is a fact of life, but it will make recovery difficult. Learning how to effectively handle stress is important to staying sober.

Relax with yoga, breathing exercises, or meditating. Other people find taking a walk or listening to soothing music works just as well.

Talking through a tough situation with a sober loved one is another way to release tension. Or simply pick up the phone and call your sponsor.

5. Find a Balance in Life

Many times people with addiction replace one habit with another. Instead of repeating compulsive behavior, learn to find a balance.

Find healthy activities you enjoy, but don’t let it take over your life and thoughts. Create a schedule that realistically balances family, work, and activities.

It’s also important to know that finding balance will be a process. Don’t strive for perfection, find small accomplishments and ask for help when you need it.

Learn to Beat Your Addiction by Staying Sober

It is possible to gain control back of your life by staying sober. Using these tips will give you the steppingstones needed for a healthy, fresh new start.

For more information about overcoming your addiction and staying sober, please reach out to NuView Treatment Center today!

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