Tips for Choosing a Quality Supplement Brand

Today, more and more people are turning to various kinds of supplements to improve their health and energy levels. The market is booming and becoming a major money-churner. Moreover, even the FDA has a lenient attitude towards these supplements. Its stance is more reactionary instead of proactive. Consequently, you find a gamut of companies launching their supplements in the market. The price variation is also huge across brands.

Understandably, this leaves you in a daze about which supplement to buy. Multiple brands are manufacturing one supplement, and you are rightfully confused about which are the best quality supplement brands. We are, therefore providing you with some valuable tips that would help you choose an authentic and quality supplement brand. 

  • The label ingredient 

You must always be particular about the ingredients and their sources. This is because the FDA never approves a supplement for safety and effectivity unless it has been marked. The supplement must prove its adverse effect among its consumers to be marked ‘unsafe’ and get removed from the market. Hence, it is crucial to go through the ingredients label of the supplement and question each of its ingredients.  

Few brands don’t disclose all the ingredients used in the supplement. Many try to camouflage the ingredient to fool you. For instance, ‘dehydrated cane syrup’ printed on the label is nothing but sugar which cannot have any health benefits. The supplement might also have a minor proportion of unrecognizable ingredients that fall under the category of fillers and excipients. It is also not uncommon to find a discrepancy in the amount of an ingredient in a supplement.  

The best quality supplement brands would always publish an exact amount of all of their ingredients and would have negligible to nil amount of fillers and excipients. The label would give you plenty of insight about the authenticity of the supplement brand.  

  • Fillers and excipients 

We talked about fillers present in supplements that are not healthy. This is because most of them have allergens. They not only cause side-effects and allergic reactions in your body but can also decrease the absorption of nutrients. A good brand would keep its supplement filler-free. Even if they need to use it, they would use it sparingly and always choose the hypoallergic variety.  

  • Certified Organic  

The supplements are meant to improve your health and fitness. This can only be possible when all or most of the ingredients are organically sourced. In the USA, supplements are certified as ‘USDA Certified’ and ‘100% Organic’ if they meet the requirements of the USDA certified organic standards. To get this certification, 95% of the supplement must have the following.

  • Organically grown ingredients that didn’t involve the use of any synthetic pesticides and fertilizers 
  • If any synthetics have been used; it must be on the USDA- certified list.  
  • Zero presence of any antibiotics or growth hormones 
  • Absence of any GMOs 

A quality supplement would always have its ingredients closest to the organic source.  

  • Sustainable and higher quality nutrients 

A reputed and quality brand would never use threatened or endangered plants to manufacture its supplement. But it would always adopt sustainable agriculture and harvesting practices to craft high-quality supplements that are easily absorbed by the body and are more effective. 

  • Independent testing certifications 

A quality and reliable brand would always test its raw as well as finished products for even a trace of a contaminant that can cause an adverse health problem. There are several authentic third-party brands like the NSF, Consumer Lab, Labdoor, etc. that carries plenty of weight.  

  • Search the company’s history and background 

Google is the best place to check all the ins and outs of a supplement brand. An authentic company would always have its website. A truly reliable and quality brand will always have plenty of information on their website. This includes what they do and all the details of the supplements like its source, research, and statistics, clinical trials, quality control measures as well as educational resources.  

Plenty of customer reviews there would also help you decide if it is one of the best quality supplement brands.  

Wrapping up 

Supplements do not come cheap and have a significant impact on your health. Thus, you cannot compromise on it and must always choose ones supplied by an authentic and credible brand.  

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