Show Love to Your Pet with CBD Oil Treatment

Small cat smelling a cannabis leaf on pink background, marijuana for pets concept

One advantage of modern development is that many of the medications, supplements, and therapies for us also work on our pets. So it was not long before specialists were able to capture the medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and formulate the CBD oil for pets.

It was not difficult to have a sort of benefit-sharing aspect for the medical implications of using CBD oil between us and our pets. Specifically, we share with our mammal friends a particular body function called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. It serves a regulatory role by controlling the nervous and immune systems.

In other words, the ECS controls bodily responses like appetite, energy balance, motor control, mood, and memory. It also regulates how the body responds to pain and fights illnesses and infections.

When taken in the right doses, cannabinoids prove as one of the most effective treatments of various systemic ailments that plague modern society.

But many are unsurprisingly still wary in using CBD oil for pets, most likely due to the same reservations that long-challenged the legalization of cannabinoid use.

Why should I give CBD oil to my pet?

If you’re worried that your pet might get “high” by ingesting CBD oil, think again. Pet-formulated CBD oil contains little to no tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is the substance found in marijuana that causes the sensation of being “high.” The only possible side effect that could happen to your pet is slight drowsiness.

The truth is CBD is entirely non-addictive for pets and does not cause the associated psychoactive effects of marijuana addiction. Given the right dosage, pets benefit from CBD oil with a boost to their energy levels.

Additionally, CBD oil for pets can target multiple levels of protection or treatment. You can give it as a preventative supplement to better equip your pet with improved immunity. CBD oil also works in improving your pet’s brain processes to better handle learning, anxiety, and stress.

Likewise, CBD oil protects your pet’s nervous system and helps counter infections, seizures, and even cancer. It also aids in significantly alleviating pain and nausea.

Can CBD oil mix with my pet’s supplements and medications?

Perhaps your pet already has an existing regimen of supplements and medications. CBD oil is generally safe and goes along well with other conventional pet treatments. The only time that there is a concern for adverse drug interactions is in higher CBD doses.

You might wonder what happens when you give your pets high CBD doses in conjunction with other pharmaceuticals.

There is a liver enzyme responsible for metabolizing or processing conventional pet pharmaceuticals. Once the medicine gets processed, it becomes easier for a pet’s kidneys to filter. However, higher CBD doses limit the liver’s ability to break down medical compounds, causing these to stay longer in the pet’s body.

How should I choose the right CBD oil for my pet?

The best CBD oil for pets should come from organically-grown hemp. The first thing that you could do is check on the company or store and inquire about their growing practices. The best products have no unwanted chemicals and no exposure to pesticide treatment.

Another way to ensure that you’re buying pet-formulated CBD oil is to verify a company or producer’s Certificates of Analysis. These are typically available and even downloadable from your source’s website. It is also best to contact your source directly so that they can discuss with you the product that you are purchasing from them.

CBD oil is well-documented for its efficacy in addressing many of what ails us. It’s reassuring, therefore, that we can share the same with our beloved pets. It should thus be far from our minds to doubt or be wary any longer. Indeed, our pets could make the most of their time with us through the life-giving benefits of CBD oil.

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