4 Incredible Benefits from Acupuncture

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Just close your eyes and count back from 10.

Everyone has their thing to relax, whether that be meditation, reading, or taking a walk. Sometimes, people search for help relaxing by getting a massage or other treatment. One of those other treatments is Acupuncture. 

While needles may be scary and intimidating, acupuncture has plenty of benefits that can help relieve stress and improve your overall body health. 

If you’re in or around the Houston area, acupuncture can be an effective treatment. Being hesitant about Acupuncture in Houston is entirely normal, so we assembled this list of benefits to help convince why you should give it a try.

How Does it Work?

Those needles aren’t jabbed in at random points along your body. The Acupuncturist finds specific pressure points and inserts the needle.

This stimulates the nerves and depending on the nerve, could provide loads of different benefits. The idea is that the needles themselves don’t release feel-good chemicals, but encourage your brain to do so. Consider acupuncture to be a treatment that boosts your mind to help alleviate issues.

Breaking down the exact science of all these benefits is tricky, but that’s the overall gist of it.

Relieves Stress

Working in the office all day is already hard enough, but dealing with that extra special Houston traffic can turn even the most stalwart of people into stress balls. One way to unwind in Houston is through acupuncture. 

Stress can be more than a pit in your stomach as it can have negative physical effects as well. One way to get ahead of these physical ailments is by turning towards acupuncture. It can help relieve stress by lowering your stress hormones and bringing back an overall feeling of happiness.

Heals Headache

Headache can ruin your day like anything. Headaches make it hard to concentrate, relax, or enjoy whatever you’re taking part in. 

While a Tylenol or quick nap is better for short-term solutions, studies show that continued use of acupuncture will help in the long-run. 

With multiple sessions over three months, 89% of patients noted some kind of improvement. This included everything from fewer headaches to less reliance on medication. 

For those experiencing constant migraines or headaches, acupuncture can be a fantastic alternative to the norm. 

Less Eye Strain

It’s nearly impossible to go for half an hour without staring at some kind of screen. It could be a computer for work, reading last night’s news on a tablet, or even relaxing and watching a movie at night.

All that time spent looking at screens can put a lot of strain on the eyes. Everything in our bodies is connected, and eye strain often leads to neck tension. Solve one, and it’s possible to solve the other.

For those suffering from other eye symptoms such as glaucoma and color blindness, acupuncture has also shown to have a strong positive effect on these issues.

Improved Digestive Health

“You are what you eat” has been a cliche for years and it’s largely true. A person’s diet, and eating habits are going to affect their overall health directly. 

Poor eating habits can contribute to poor digestive health, such as IBD or Crohn’s disease. Even mild constipation has a direct link to poor eating habits.

Acupuncture has been shown to help alleviate some of these issues. While not curing them outright, some cases have shown acupuncture to have better long-term effects than prescription medicine. 

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