LECOM Medical Fitness and Wellness Center Fitness Offers Cardiac Fitness Program

For most people with heart disease or cardiovascular risk factors, exercise should be an important part of maintaining health and preventing future problems.  However, without professional guidance it’s often difficult to know what type of exercise routine is best. That’s why the LECOM Medical Fitness & Wellness Center offers a cardiac fitness program.

“The goals of the program are to educate participants on proper exercise and instruct them on the major components of fitness – including aerobic, resistance and flexibility training,” says Tyler G. Travis, Executive Director. “We also provide nutritional counseling, instruction on lifestyle changes, and emotional support.”

The program, which is overseen by a certified and degreed fitness professional with specialized training, is an eight week program that includes a pre and post program assessment, personalized exercise plan, three small group exercise sessions per week, three one-hour sessions with a dietician and full access to the center’s equipment, facilities, classes and pools.

“We are dedicated to providing participants with the resources they need to be successful and feel confident about making exercise an enjoyable and rewarding part of their everyday lives. Studies consistently find that light to moderate exercise is beneficial for individuals with heart conditions. Research also indicates it’s helpful in preventing cardiac disease for those with risk factors.  Exercise can improve health and quality of life by increasing strength, lowering blood pressure, relieving stress and controlling weight,” according to Travis.

For more information about the program, please call the center at 814-868-2269 or visit www.lecomwellness.com.  It’s important to note that anyone with a heart disease or risk factors should seek medical advice before beginning an exercise routine. Participants in the cardiac fitness program must have their physician’s approval.

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