Is CBD Coffee As Safe And Effective As People Say It Is?

It seems like CBD oil is found in just about everything these days. Which is a good thing. If you have any of the conditions that CBD oil could help you with, then it’s good to have a range of choices as to how you want to take it.

Some people choose to vape CBD and others just want to munch on a few gummies per day. It is a pleasant way to reduce your anxiety, increase your sleep or deal with your chronic pain.

The same now goes for coffee. You can treat your condition with your favorite cup of joe first thing in the morning to start your day on the right foot.

Benefits of CBD in coffee

It kind of seems like these two ingredients can’t possibly work together. After all, people want caffeine for a jolt of energy. And CBD is mainly used to mellow out and stay calm.

How can these two sides of the spectrum work together?

Well, some people actually get anxiety from too much of a jolt from coffee. It makes them jittery and nervous in addition to being more awake and alert. 

When CBD is added, they get the same energy boost, but the CBD counteracts the effects of the caffeine in people who have a sensitivity. For instance, if you drink a cup of coffee too late and then have a hard time of coming down from the effects of caffeine, then the CBD might help out with allowing you to still fall asleep.

You can also add some oil to your coffee to be in control of how much you consume depending on how you want to react with it. To learn more, head over to Rave Reviews to find the right one. 

Risks from adding CBD to coffee

If you have never taken any CBD oil then you really don’t know how your body will react to it in your coffee or anything else for that matter.

There aren’t many side effects and they are not generally serious, but you may experience some yourself. In fact, some people end up with more anxiety after taking it instead of it mellowing out the effects of the caffeine. And increased appetite is common as a side effect in people that report having felt some.

Others report feeling nauseous after taking it. You’ll need to experiment with dosage to find out the sweet spot for you. It may make sense to simply add your own powder or oil to the coffee so you can lower the amount if you feel negative side effects.


Be aware that some CBD oil will have fewer effects due to the coffee being hot. You may want to use it in iced coffee or cold brew to start out if you really are relying on the full effect. 

Otherwise, add a higher dosage if you feel like you aren’t getting the full effect that you were hoping for. 

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