What You Should Know About Vaping CBD

With the rise in the demand of full-spectrum CBD, more methods are currently being worked up for efficient consumption of the product. Some of these ways include capsules, sublingual, and vaping. 

Some curious CBD enthusiasts go as far as getting a bong or taking their joint the old-fashioned way. What people do not realize, however, is that the method you use to consume your CBD has a significant impact on the effective dosage ingested. 

There is a term called ‘bioavailability.’ It refers to the percentage of CBD that produces the desired effect after circulation in your bloodstream. For instance, CBD, when consumed sublingually, has a 15% bioavailability. This means that, for every 100 milligrams of CBD consumed, only 15 milligrams will get into your bloodstream to trigger the expected effects. 

The remaining 85% goes down the drain. One way to combat this wastage is by consuming water soluble cbd oils or converting the CBD to a hydrophilic variant. But because this involves extremely complex chemical processes, a pragmatic solution is to skip the effect of oral ingestion and ingesting by way of vaporization. 

People consider vaping CBD oils among the best methods of consuming water-soluble CBD oils. The bio availability substantiates this belief by being within the range of 50% to 60%. Now that you know the efficacy of vaping CBD, you can decide on what dosage is proper for you.

Firstly, there is no universal dosage when it comes to consuming cannabidiol. Secondly, ingesting too much can trigger side-effects. These side effects include a bit of drowsiness. On the flip side, if you ingest too little, you most definitely will not feel any effect at all. 

A CBD bottle typically contains information about the total amount of CBD in terms of puffs rather than in milliliters. A standard cartridge of CBD oil can contain anything between 100 to 200 puffs. Remember that we are all different, and this means having different CBD content per puff. 

A vase mod, however, calculates your puff intake. This impressively gives you more accurate information on how many total puffs you need to finish a standard tank of CBD Oil. Vaping CBD without understanding the dosage can come with its risks as can be seen from the health warning from the army.

However, there is currently not enough data to suggest vaping CBD within the right restrictions can have a long term effect on our health. 

The only reason vaping is a cause of concern is because of its efficiency as a delivery method for conveying CBD into the bloodstream. The efficacy can be underestimated, thus leading to hallucinations or at the most a momentary loss of consciousness. 

According to companies in the cannabis industry, vaping CBD gives the same dosage of the product about four times the potency, although there is yet to be conclusive research on its effects. 

Final thoughts

There is no law prohibiting the consumption of CBD oils through vaping, which makes it a safe means of consuming cannabidiol. It is, however, essential to understand your dosage to prevent side-effects. 

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