How to Maximise Every Second Spent With Your Physical Therapist

Are you thinking of resorting to physical therapy but have no clue on how to make the most of it? Firstly, the fact that you are considering physical therapy is a step in the right direction. The beauty of physical therapy is that it comes with minimal if not nonexistent side effects.

Physical therapy, especially when administered by a specialist with the right physical therapist skills can do wonders to the human body. This proves very effective in relieving yourself from stress, weakness, and mobility challenges.

Pain doesn’t just occur. Most times, it is as a result of tissue overload or the wearing out of joints and tendons. Physical therapy sets in when stretching and strengthening exercises are carried out with a clear goal of improving movement and general body functioning.  

Let us assume you have been indulging in therapy without encouraging results. Here are some tips you may want to keep in mind before embarking on another round of treatment.

Remembering stuff

Usually, your physical therapist will carry out some examination on your body to ascertain the cause of your pain. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you are asked when the pain started or what led to a surgery. That’s if you are undergoing therapy after surgery. 

Make sure to provide a clear answer will go a long way in aiding the therapist while making recommendations. You can be sure the therapist will get it right so long he has the requisite physical therapist skills.  

Honor Appointments

 Appointments are based on the severity of your pain, injury, or surgery. While minor damage may only require visiting your therapist a couple of times, a significant surgery situation will require more time at clinics. To make rapid progress, it would be essential to commit to all appointments.

Do Your Homework

Yes! Don’t be caught in a situation where all the physical exercise you do is when the PT visits. It’s equally important to make the most of all the homework you are given, as all of it will ultimately add to your speedy recovery.

Don’t Assume

When you are with your PT, endeavor to ask questions concerning everything you feel; ignoring no feeling whatsoever. Some patients assume that some of the pain they feel is completely normal. As such, they don’t mention it to their PT. But a visit to your PT should be a time where you open up about everything and ask questions as well.

Avoid Deviating 

It’s wisdom to stick to the issue you are being treated on when dealing with your PT. It’s often common to see patients going off the board with questions that have no bearing with what they were initially evaluated on. As much as a PT may want to help, introducing new issues may require further evaluation to provide a diagnosis better.

In Conclusion

If you’ve never considered physical therapy, then we strongly recommend that you do. It will help check some of that stiffness on your muscles and tendons, and relieve you of some stress that you feel as a result of it.  

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