5 Common Car Accident Injuries and How to Treat Them


Anywhere from 20 to 50 million people are injured or disabled in vehicle accidents each year. These car accident injuries must get adequately treated to ensure healing. 

There are five common areas where people experience the most injuries. We are going to go over what they are and how you can treat them. 

1. Neck and Back

Whiplash is the most common injury people experience during an accident. It occurs when people get rear-ended, and they experience a sudden jolt forward through their neck and back. 

As a result of whiplash, you can have cervical spine fractures, spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, and much more. 

2. Brain and Head 

These are one of the most common injuries due to your head hitting the steering wheel or window. Traumatic brain injuries happen when you experience a concussion. This is when the brain undergoes trauma from impact with the inside of your skull. 

Mild injuries can heal on their own in a few weeks. But more severe brain injuries can have lasting adverse effects and include additional injuries such as skull fractures. 

If you have any head injury is best to seek treatment from a doctor. They will be able to assess your injuries and determine your level of risk. 

3. Abdominal and Chest 

The most common injuries that occur to your chest and core is bruising and contusions. Depending on the severity of the accident, though, you could experience severe injuries such as broken ribs and internal bleeding. 

If you experience minor injuries such as bruising and scrapes, then you can clean your cuts and wait for the bruising to heal. If you have broken ribs and internal bleeding, then you’ll need to visit a hospital or doctor to treat these potentially life-threatening injuries.  

4. Legs 

Sometimes people hit the dashboard with their knees due to the limited amount of legroom in some cars. But you can experience other injuries such as bruising, sprains, scrapes, and broken bones. 

Broken bones need treatment from a doctor. They will set the bones and apply a cast to hold everything in place while you heal. 

Cuts and scrapes should be cleaned and bandaged. 

5. Mental 

Not all injuries experienced during an accident are physical. Some are mental in the form of PTSD. Other mental disorders experienced include depression and anxiety. 

If you experience these and are unable to return to your regular daily tasks, then it is time to speak with someone. A professional therapist can help you work through any feelings you may have and come to terms with what happened. 

Seek Ongoing Treatment 

After you see an emergency care doctor for your initial treatment, you should seek out ongoing care from a Daytona auto accident doctor. They can provide a variety of treatments to rehab your injuries. 

This includes manual therapy, manipulation and adjustments, physiotherapy, ultrasound, EMS treatment, and PNF stretching. 

Treat Your Car Accident Injuries

If you have experienced any of these car accident injuries, then you need to seek treatment right away. First, you need to be monitored by a medical professional to ensure that you heal correctly. Second, you need to document your injuries, so you have a complete record in the event you file a lawsuit. 

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