Everything You Need to Know About the Keto Diet

While people started to adopt a ketogenic diet in the mid-1990s, it was only in recent years when it enjoyed the utmost popularity. 

For those who are obese or significantly heavier than their recommended weight, the keto diet is seen as a feasible option. 

With testimonials of several people who are deep into it, many others have been convinced to adopt it as well. With its known success, many people must have become curious about what this diet is all about.

Here is a rundown of the things you need to know about this widely known approach towards weight loss:

What is a keto diet?

When you’re on a diet using the ketogenic approach, your carbohydrates intake is limited to 50 mg each day. To give you an idea of its equivalent, that’s a banana and two slices of bread. 

Meanwhile, you’re allowed a moderate level of protein, and it must include a large amount of fat in your daily diet.

With this formula, ketosis happens by burning the fat and converting it into fuel, which is broken down into “ketone bodies.”

What food can you eat under a keto diet?

Among the food choices that your online keto coach would recommend are the following:

Vegetables: Specifically, vegetables that are not starchy are recommended for consumption. These have a low amount of carbohydrates and low caloric content too. Thus, you have to take it easy on eating potatoes and other starchy veggies. Instead, go for cauliflower, broccoli, and kale.

Avocados: These fruits are rich in healthy fat. These help in improving the triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body.

Eggs: These have to be eaten whole. In short, you need to consume both the egg white and yolk. Although they contain high cholesterol levels, they do not contribute to the rise in blood cholesterol.

Meat. This is the main component of the keto diet that forms a massive part of the entire program. Fresh meat does not contain carbohydrates but is rich in certain minerals and B vitamins.

How does someone jumpstart a ketogenic diet?

If you’re interested in adopting this diet, you can ask your online keto coach for tips. At the same time, you can consider the following:

Eat more fat. Basically, the keto diet is about consuming mostly fat during the entire day. This is very important since this is where the energy comes from. Without fat, ketosis will not happen.

Do not stock up on protein. Going with a keto diet means you’re embracing a low-carb diet. It does not mean that you should eat more protein.

Eat only when you are hungry. It’s recommended that you eat at least four or a maximum of six times a day. Remember, you must only turn to food if you’re starving. It would not be useful if you keep on eating just because food is served.

The Keto diet, just like other weight loss programs, needs commitment and consistency. You may not enjoy its remarkable results if you’re intermittently following your diet plan. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, so you can expect better results when you pair the two.

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