10 Tips On How To Adopt An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle For The Entire Family


Eco-friendly living is increasingly vital in today’s world. Climate change is a real phenomenon that’s growing, and if we don’t listen, we could destroy much of the world as we know it. Being energy efficient is a hobby for many people, and although we can’t always stop multinational corporations from destroying nature, we can control our habits. 


1Drive Less

One of the best ways to be environmentally friendly is to drive your car less. Transportation accounts for 14% of the global economy’s greenhouse gas emissions. You can also save lost time in the car by staying home. 

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2Bike To Work

Here’s another: bike to work. This isn’t possible for everyone, but for those of us who can, it’s a wonderful way to be eco-friendly. It saves money and the environment. If you like biking, it’s an enjoyable time too. Convincing your friends and family to do the same is the next step.  

3Save Energy

Do yourself and the environment a favor; save money and turn off the lights when you’re not in the room.  

4Save Paper by Using Digital Tools 

If you don’t work online, try saving as much paper as possible by using digital tools and scanners to avoid traditional paperwork. This can save you lots of time, money, and boredom. Most professional systems have gone online and are already doing their part on this one. You can pay bills, vote, and scan important documents all online. 

5Go Vegan or Vegetarian

Eat more plants and less meat; this one is for the few and dedicated. Lots of diets advise us to eat more fruits and vegetables. Support your local farmers and visit the farmer’s market once in a while. 


6Use Cloth Grocery Bags

Another place where we tend to waste lots of plastic is the grocery store. Swap out the plastic bags that they give you for cloth or another sturdy material. In other words, swap out everything that you tend to use paper or plastic for with another material that isn’t harmful to the environment. 

7Use Cloth Towels

You can save the planet by using less water and using cloth towels instead of paper ones. This goes for napkins and other paper products that you can replace with cloth. You can use them as rags for dirty jobs or as a handkerchief. 

8A Permanent Water Bottle

The water bottle is another overlooked tool when it comes to saving the environment. Having a permanent bottle that replaces the thousands of plastic bottles, you might otherwise use a way to be eco friendly. 


9Plant A Garden

Sustainable gardening and eating home-grown vegetables is another way to contribute to healthy living. You can even reuse seeds from fruits that you eat to jumpstart your home garden. Make sure to research which seeds you can use, though, as not all of them are reusable.  

10Recycle Plastics & Glass, and Separate Compost 

You can also start dividing your trash into compost, glass, and recycling piles. This will depend on where you live but try to find the guidelines for your city. Cutting down on the amount of food you throw out can be another tactic for cultivating eco-friendly behavior. 


You can make a big difference by doing a few small things. Incorporating sustainable habits into your daily life can make you and your ecosystem healthier. Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be a burden. It can be quite enjoyable. Besides recycling, there are many things we can do. If you’re wondering how to be more eco friendly, try out some of these ideas.