Why Use Organic Products for Your Baby?

As a new parent, you would be overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about what to do and what not to do for your newborn. Starting from what to feed them to what clothes should they wear, the list is never-ending. However, one aspect that should be maintained is the use of organic baby products. 

There are tons of baby products and baby food available in the market that can be harmful to a baby. Most baby products out there, including baby foods, are made of harmful chemicals and synthetic elements that can harm your baby in many different ways. As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your baby, and using organic baby products is the right way to go about it. Here are the few benefits of using organic baby products –

Organic Clothing

Organic baby clothing is made using only natural fibers. There are no synthetic chemicals used in the process of making them. Baby’s skin is sensitive, and making them wear synthetic fiber clothing can irritate it and may cause skin rashes. Moreover, the sensitive skin of the babies can absorb some of the chemicals present in these synthetic fibers causing damage to their health. Making it a habit to use only organic baby clothing is good for the environment and your baby’s skin in the long-term. 

Organic Bedding

Newborn babies would spend the majority of their time sleeping on their bedding. Going organic with their bedding ensures that your baby’s skin is not absorbing tons of chemicals used to make these cheap synthetic beddings. The synthetic baby beddings may seem appealing and tempting, both visually and budget-wise, but it’s not the right choice. 

Baby bedding made of organic wool is widely available and is the recommended choice for newborns. Even if you have a non-organic baby mattress, covering it with an organic mattress pad would ensure there is a layer of protection between your baby and the harmful chemicals.

Feeding Bottles

Don’t use just any feeding bottle for your kid as most of the cheap baby bottles available in the market contain a toxic chemical called BPA or Bisphenol A. It impairs the brain functions and affects the overall growth and development in infants. A tiny portion of this chemical gets mixed with the food whenever you use these cheap BPA based baby bottles. It’s something that you cannot allow for your baby.

There are feeding bottles available in the markets that are free from BPA, and using it is certainly a relief for the parents. Identifying such containers is easy, as you can simply flip the bottle and look at the recycling number written on the bottom of the bottle. It should be anywhere between 2 and 5, and anything above it should be avoided. 

Organic Toys

The babies cannot do without toys, and as a parent, you would be tempted to buy tons of toys for your newborn. However, know that most of these toys are made of plastic or material having a high level of toxicity. No matter what toy you give your baby, it’s sure to end up in his or her mouth one way or the other. The babies end up ingesting toxic chemicals present on these toys, which can be extremely dangerous for their health. Organic baby products don’t have lead or BPA, which is essential to keep your baby safe from unwanted harm.

Going organic is essential in today’s date when the manufacturers are trying every means possible to increase their production and lower their cost. Such efforts by manufacturers come at the expense of the consumers’ health. Educate yourself about the benefits of organic baby products, and you would never want to use anything else for your baby. 

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