Unusual spots to head to in London


The vast majority think about the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and different attractions on London’s horizon. Regardless of whether you want to accomplish something somewhat unique during your next outing to London, or observing eccentric exhibits outside the city’s exhibition halls, there are a bunch of bizarre places to visit. Check out Algarve Golf breaks for more destinations.

From artistic places, historical places, and down-right peculiar and frightening spots, London has everything. Here are a couple of head-turning areas in London that are unique from the rest. 

God’s Own Junkyard 

It is at 82A Shernhall Street, London. God’s Own Junkyard is a beautiful, vivid distribution center filled to the edge with handcrafted neon signage. The display resides in Walthamstow, an improved zone of the city where fashion people and creative youths now thrive.

A neon artist Marcus Bracey curated the signage. Marcus Bracey currently serves in various capacities. Other than being a free craftsmanship display and a great spot to take Insta selfies. The collection is crucial for movies, photoshoots, and the reusing of neon signage.

God’s Own Junkyard has a great many neon signs under one enormous storage space. Each sort of engaging business is here, including karaoke clubs, cocktail bars, casinos, and pinball. Some speak to the seedier, fleshly bad habit den of London’s old Soho.

Leadenhall Market 

The Leadenhall Market is a fancy, nineteenth-century market in the well-known heart of London’s financial district. You may discover the market a mysterious spot to shop since it featured in the Harry Potter movie. The market is the most established of its sort in London. While its present look is from the nineteenth century, the market stands on this location since the fourteenth century.

The market acted as a staging area in the shooting of the Diagon Alley scene in the Harry Potter film. It is where Hogwarts understudies did their shopping. You are also likely to notice the optics’ shop blue door as you walk down the Bull’s Head Corridor. In the scene Goblet of Fire, the bleu door acted as an entrance to reach the Leaky Cauldron. 

The Leadenhall Market is not only a magnificent sight but also an ideal spot for some prime retail treatment in London. It offers accessibility to a wide range of goods and services such as great eateries and coffee houses. 

The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art and Natural History 

It is otherwise called Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors. It is a scary and captivating shop that takes after a cabinet of curiosities in the Victorian era. The displayed shop is in East London inside a set of ordinary shops. Be that as it may, on entering, guests will recognize an astonishing cluster of books, a heap of different wonders, erotica, modern art, and skeletons.

The Last Tuesday Society owns and runs the site. The shop’s web page portrays the collection as an endeavor to reproduce a seventeenth-century Wunderkabinett within the twenty-first century. When visiting, be ready to amuse and stunned by what you might see on the site. The site depicts the assortment as being “collected spontaneously” because of their authentic and tasteful intrigue.

The illustration proceeds to state there hasn’t been any endeavor to clarify anything or teach anybody. The supervisor, Vadim Kosmos, states that the assortment is a showcase of artificial and natural set up. The aim is to delight the exhibition’s makers and, likewise, get recognition from guests. Nowadays, there is even a mixed drink joint where you can unwind and appreciate a beverage.


Have some good times seeing the elective side of London, where a lot of all the more fun areas are hanging tight for your visit.

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