The Many Benefits of Drumming

The Many Benefits of Drumming

If you’re a fan of music, there’s good news: playing the drums can positively benefit your mental and physical health, in addition to being healthy for your brain. The way it works is similar to a “runner’s high.” After playing, your brain releases feel-good endorphins. The physical stimulation of drumming and the sound and vibrations stimulate the release of negative emotions, like frustration, disappointment, and stress. Just a few minutes of playing can boost your mood. But drumming has physical benefits, too, along with numerous other benefits to your mental health and brain development. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of drumming, and why taking up drumming might be a worthwhile endeavor.

Stimulates the Brain

Our brain isn’t static. We’re capable of not only maintaining but also improving its performance and health. Our brain can reorganize itself by forming new neuronal connections between brain cells. Learning something new helps to build new connections and alter existing ones. So, what does that mean? Whenever you push yourself to learn something challenging, you’re building a bigger, healthier brain. This includes learning and practicing the art of drumming. Challenging the brain in simple ways, like using your non-dominant hand for everyday tasks, can also improve its performance and health. Exercising your brain by increasing your tempo, trying out new drumming techniques, and playing new songs can boost your brain’s function. The more active your hippocampus is, the better!

Improves Mental Health

Another one of the many benefits of drumming is that It can improve your mental health and overall wellbeing. Drumming has been used to improve social functioning and treat mental health conditions, like depression, anxiety, addictions, aggression, and PTSD symptoms. When you’re drumming, your brain enters a meditative, mindful state. Focusing on the rhythmic patterns of drumming helps control your thought process, reduce mental chatter, induce relaxation, and calm the mind.

Drumming can increase alpha brainwave production, theta brainwave production, and brainwave synchronization, too. This can lead to heightened creativity, improved problem-solving abilities, an enhanced immune system, and more.

Improves Physical Health

Drumming is an easy, low-impact way to exercise the upper and lower body. You don’t need to take part in vigorous, heavy metal drumming to reap the physical benefits. A slow, relaxing session of hand drumming comes with impressive brain-body benefits, as well. All types of drumming can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and enhance your immunity. To get the most out of your drumming experience, it’s important to pick out a type of drumming that suits your physical and personal needs. Fast-paced drumming with a modern, multi-drum set might be good for people who want something intense, both exercise and music-wise. If you need something quieter and easier on the body, consider picking out a hand drum. This way, you can drum wherever you feel most comfortable playing.

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