Quick Tips and Tricks for Preventing Hair Loss

Quick Tips and Tricks for Preventing Hair Loss

No matter cause, losing your hair is a disconcerting feeling. Age, stress, diet, hair treatments, and medications can all alter your hair volume. But balding is a reversible process—with a few quick tips and tricks for preventing hair loss, you can begin your road to healthy hair.

Structure Your Diet

The body reacts directly to the nutrients you absorb, meaning your diet impacts your hair health. Prevent hair loss by consuming more supplements like protein, biotin, and vitamins A and B. Along with these food changes, you should also increase your water intake to make sure you have adequate hydration.

Shampoo Only at the Roots

The way you shampoo your hair in the shower matters. Try shampooing your hair only at the roots, as this technique results in less tangling and reduces the pressure you put at the ends of your hair. Don’t worry about dirty hair, though—the ends clean themselves passively as you rinse the sudsy shampoo off of your scalp.

Stop Heating and Slow Brushing

Refrain from using hair dryers as much as you can. The heat will wilt your hair and dry it out, making it brittle and more breakable. While you may end up going to work with damp hair, it is better than the alternative.

Also, slow down your brushing speed and frequency. The less you brush, the better. Hair brushing is notorious for its role in hair loss—you tug and pull to untangle a knot and end up with a hefty chunk of hair in the brush. Brush gently and only a couple of times a day if you’re trying to preserve hair volume.

Start Using Oils

Your hair produces natural oils that keep it hydrated and healthy. Whenever you wash it, you remove those oils, restart the oiling process. Though hair conditioner will help restore vibrancy, it does not replace those natural oils.

Consider using oils on your scalp to invigorate hair growth and restore hydration. There are plenty of oil-based options out there, including natural scalp treatments and DIY recipes. Try a few to see what works best for your luscious locks.

The best tips and tricks for preventing hair loss are the ones that make a difference. As you try each of these methods, be sure to assess your hair health. The longer you implement these changes, the more quickly and easily your hair will bounce back.

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