Pros of Hiring a Disability Attorney

There is a high number of people living with disabilities across the world. Different countries have come up with special programs to assist the disabled. A perfect example is the Social Security Disability Insurance program in the US. It is a program run by the Social Security Administration (SSA) meant to offer financial assistance to people living with disabilities who are unable to work or otherwise provide for themselves. The benefits can be used to cover medical costs and other living expenses. 

There are several instances where one may be denied such benefits after appling. In these situations, hiring a lawyer is essential if you want to appeal the decision. You can hire disability attorney Victor J. Arruda who will help you file an appeal. Understanding what is required of you as a disabled person is essential if you want your application to go through successfully. An SSA disability lawyer can help you win your appeal. Look for a good attorney to help streamline the process and make it easier for you to understand.

Hiring the Best Social Security Disability Attorney

The chances of winning your case are much higher when you hire a good disability attorney. Here is what to consider when looking for one. 


This is an essential trait you should look for in a disability attorney. Hiring an experienced disability attorney for your Social Security case raises the chances of winning. This is because they will represent you correctly and in accordance with the law. Find out the period one has been practicing and their success rate in such cases to tell their level of expertise.


Understanding the costs of hiring this type of lawyer for your case is also essential. This will help you choose one who can meet your budget. Compare the legal fees different attorneys. Most Social Security attorneys are paid on a contingency basis.


Friends and other people who have gone through the process can provide invaluable referrals about who you should consider hiring. Remember to ask some questions you consider important about this type of service. You will have a variety of options at hand which makes it easy for you to choose an attorney who will meet your needs. 

Benefits of Hiring a Disability Lawyer

The following are the benefits of hiring a disability lawyer.

Evidence Gathering

A disability attorney will help you gather all the evidence necessary for your appeal. They have the expertise needed to establish what evidence is the best for your appeal. Your medical bills and records are some of the proof they will need to gather to present before the court. 


The other thing your disability attorney will do is represent you before the court. They will argue everything as per the law and explain to the court why you are eligible for disability benefits just like other people out there. 

Contact Social Security Administration

A disability lawyer will also keep in touch with the Social Security Administration to follow up on your application. There are so many applications that pass through the system each day. Following up on your case by yourself might be difficult. A disability attorney will do their best to follow up on your case regularly.

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