How to Deal with Stress Better

Stress is a common part of life, but sometimes it can get a bit too overwhelming. There are a lot of ways people like to deal with stress, however, not all of these coping mechanisms are particularly good for your overall health. Some people turn to alcohol as stress relief, cigarettes, or even overindulging in foods to make them feel better. Others might be verbally abusive to friends or family because they can’t process these emotions effectively, so it comes out in angry bursts, or they might do the opposite, choosing to retreat and ignore the issue altogether. These are just some examples of the negative ways people deal with stress, and if any of them sound familiar to you, why not try these other coping tactics instead?


Meditation can do a lot to help you calm down as it forces you to take some time to clear your head. Even just doing ten minutes a day could help to reduce your stress levels, or when you do start feeling overwhelmed at home or work, find a quiet spot to quickly do a session. You can find guided meditations online to help you as at first, it can be a bit difficult to get it right. Alternatively, you can use other mindfulness techniques such as journaling to let out your frustrations or finding a hobby that can help to calm you down.


Another thing to look at if you are frequently feeling stressed is your diet. Eating a lot of junk food or having irregular meal times could be affecting your body in ways you don’t realize, which could be causing you to feel more tired, which in turn can make you feel more stressed and irritable. You should also be careful if you are using food as a way to make yourself feel better when you’re feeling upset or under pressure, especially if you’re noticing that you are gaining weight or are feeling bad shortly after eating these comfort foods. This could a sign of binge eating disorder, which you can find out more about at


This is a simple way to help manage your stress better. Workouts are a great way to expel feelings of stress (particularly if you’re hitting a punching bag) and this coping method will also keep you in great shape. Exercise will help you feel better because it will release more endorphins in your brain and are a natural mood booster. You’re also likely to sleep much better when you exercise regularly and getting a good night’s sleep will help to reduce your stress levels, too.

Talking to Someone About How You Feel

If you are frequently feeling stressed or angry, it could be a sign of an underlying issue that you’re not facing up to. Talking to a professional counsellor about this could help to resolve this, and they might be able to give you some excellent advice on better methods of coping that are specific to your needs. If you do bottle your feelings up, try talking to a trusted friend, your partner, or a relative about how you’ve been feeling. Getting it off your chest can offer a sense of relief and they might be able to help support you through your stressful periods.

Stress is quite common in daily life, but it’s not good for your mental or physical health. Rather than relying on unhealthy coping tactics, try some of the above and see if they can work for you.

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