Frequently Asked Questions about Weed in Maryland

The battle to legalize recreational use of Marijuana in Maryland has had some rough patches but it’s getting somewhere. In fact, in early June 2019, the general assembly task force began to look into the possible legalization of cannabis for pleasure. While this sounds like a step forward, cannabis for recreational use is still very much prohibited in Maryland. 

Let’s delve more into this and other frequently asked questions about weed in Maryland.

Can Weed be issued for recreational purposes?

Sadly no. Recreational use of marijuana is illegal. Maryland State permits only medical use of marijuana as per the house bill 881 passed in 2014. To date, the Maryland medical cannabis commission continues to establish its position to be strictly handling medical-related cases.

What approval do I need to get it for medical purposes?

To be able to access weed in Maryland as a patient, you must provide a written certificate from a licensed physician. You will also need to register with the state program (Maryland medical cannabis commission) for legality. The written certification must provide evidence that using medical weed will lessen or outweigh the health risks. 

What medical conditions allow one to get marijuana?

The Maryland law approves possession of marijuana for patients with chronic conditions and those in hospice or palliative care. If you are not suffering from any of these conditions, you can also check with the commission to ascertain if you qualify to get marijuana. 

Where can I get medical marijuana?

There are several approved pharmacies, dispensaries and health clinics that you can access weed. Ensure you buy weed only from a licensed maryland dispensary to avoid any legal issues. By buying from a licensed source, you will also avoid health issues that might arise if a rogue vendor sells you bogus weed.

How much Marijuana can I get approved for?

Once you have been certified, you can only be allowed to possess four ounces at one go. This law is only subject to change following a doctor’s recommendation. You doctor has to make a special request and determination on why you need more

How much does medical marijuana cost in Maryland? 

The cost of marijuana is determined by freshness, size, quality, and other factors like where you buy the weed from, etc.  You can always do a price research review to find the cheapest marijuana dispensary to buy weed from in Maryland.  

Is small possession of Marijuana illegal in Maryland?

Although recreational use of marijuana is illegal, possession of small amounts of weed has been decriminalized. If you are found in possession of fewer than 10 grams you will be only part with a small fine but it isn’t a criminal offense. 

Can you Travel with Weed in Maryland? 

Yes, you can travel with weed within the State of Maryland as long as you are licensed to use weed medically by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. That said, you shouldn’t travel across the state lines with weed as this isn’t permitted by the federal government. 

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