Engaging The Service Of A Psychiatrist In Corpus Christi TX

In times past, people who had mental health challenges were regarded as oddballs. But thankfully, that is not the case these days. An understanding of the issues that have to do with mental health has made getting help easier. 

No longer are people who visit psychiatrists regarded as mad or crazy but as people who are sick and need treatment. Check out this article to find out why you may need the services of a mental health practitioner. 

Whether you live in Corpus Christi Texas or anywhere else in the world, we all know that the vicissitudes of life can get to you. When you are overwhelmed and it seems as if you are about to lose your mind, don’t be silent; look for someone to speak to. 

There are professionals that are well trained to handle issues of mental health and one of such professionals is a psychiatrist. 

Symptoms That Show That One Needs A Psychiatrist 

The following are symptoms that show that one may need a psychiatrist:- 

Uncontrollable Emotions

Every normal human being has emotions such as sadness, irritability, or anger. But when these emotions become uncontrollable, it is an indication that the person needs to see a psychiatrist. The ability to control one’s emotions would definitely help the person to prevent situations that would trigger negative emotions.  

Infrequent Sleeping Pattern/insomnia 

The state of one’s mental health affects their sleeping pattern. Therefore when a person has mental health issues, they would most often suffer from insomnia. The sleep issues would include the inability to fall asleep, waking up too early, or frequently through the night. 

This lack of sleep or inadequate restorative sleep makes it more difficult for patients to cope with their symptoms. But a visit with a mental health practitioner will do the person a lot of good.  If you are unsure of the cause of your sleep disorder or insomnia this site can give you some clarity: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/insomnia/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20355173

Dependence On Drugs Or Other Substances

One common symptom of mental health problem is a dependence on drugs or substance abuse. Some people may insist that they just need the substance to relax or cope with stress. But the truth of the matter is that is an indication of an underlying issue. 

Demotivation For Work Or Studies 

If you have a teenager or child who suddenly loses interest in school or begins to struggle with their school work, that’s an indication that a visit to a doctor is necessary. The same is applicable to an adult who loses motivation for work and begins to underperform at their tasks. 

Avoiding Social Interaction 

People who suffer from anxiety or depression often manifest symptoms of withdrawal from social interactions. This stems from the first point we mentioned where an individual is unable to control their emotions. So they might feel safer being on their own and avoiding social interactions. 

Frequent Temper Tantrums And/or Nightmares 

This point is more applicable to children. Since they cannot verbally express how they feel, they most times would act it out. So when a child throws tantrums frequently or has constant nightmares, you need to reach out to a therapist.  

How To Choose The Right Psychiatrist 

The following are some tips to help you know whether a psychiatrist is the right one for you or your loved one:- 

  1. Get Referrals- You can ask your GP/ family doctor to refer you to a specialist that they know would work well for you. 
  2. Check out the person’s credentials – After you have gotten referrals from the doctor or other trusted sources, ensure that you check out credentials to be sure that you are working with a qualified specialist. 
  3. Consider the experience – The number of years that a psychiatrist has put into their work goes a long way in determining how well they can serve you. 
  4. Consider the person’s gender- It is usually best for people to be treated by a mental health practitioner of the same gender. This usually helps them to open up better with the person. 
  5. Check out the communication style – Different practitioners have different styles. So, find out the style that they use and whether it would work well for you. Some take the holistic approach which they believe would help the patient better than treating an isolated issue. 

Thankfully, there are many great examples of doctors like Dr. Anderson –  psychiatrist in Corpus Christi, and many others, that take this approach. 


Do not take your mental health for granted. It is recommended that you reach out and talk to a professional that can help you whenever you are faced with mental health issues. 

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