Care Homes for Older Adults at Digby Manor in Erdington

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Choosing a care home for older adults is a big decision that needs careful planning. This can be evident in the story of Editha and how she was able to handle this with ease.

Editha has a full-time job in the city, and she worries a lot about her mother. Her mom is alone in her childhood home in Birmingham, and as a daughter, she wants to make sure that there will be somebody who can help in case her mom needs someone.

Luckily for people like Editha, she has Digby Manor in Erdington, where the staff is more than happy to help with any problems. The food is ample, and if there are problems with anxieties, Editha’s elderly mom can have someone to talk to.

But before deciding on the care homes, Editha created a checklist that enabled her to have a smooth transition. The following are some of the things that the daughter considered before moving her mom to the care home. If you are in this situation, you might also find these tips helpful for you and your loved one.

1. Talking through the Options

It is essential to consider the feelings, thoughts, and opinions of the person who needed to be taken care of. If you can have an open and honest conversation with them, then all the better. You might need to consider their specific medical condition and make sure that the care home will be able to provide their needs promptly.

If they don’t agree to go to a care home, it is better to respect their decision and make alternative plans. These plans should be a win-win situation where the caregivers and the loved one will be comfortable in the long run. If you plan to care for the elderly, you can read more about it on this site.

2. Accessibility of the Location

It is essential to visit your loved one frequently. You can choose a care home that you can reach easily or is near your home. You can have an afternoon cup of tea with your mom whenever it’s your off from work. The shops, places of worship, and parks should also be easily accessible so that when your loved one needs to worship or to shop, then you can bring her or him to the places nearby.

3. Food

One of the most important things that you need to consider is food. Make sure to give details about whether your loved ones have allergies to a particular food. You might want to know whether the residents can eat in the comforts of their rooms or if they need to eat together. Check the menu and how often it changes.

The food should meet your LO’s dietary needs, and the food should be prepared fresh. Find out also if one can store food in their room as you might want to bring your loved one their favorite yogurt in your free time.

4. Activities and Social Life

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Boredom can be your loved one’s greatest enemy while they are in their care homes. You might want to find out whether there are programs that make the residents active. Check several places at a time and see if the residents are happy.

Ask questions on whether they are allowed to bring pets, books, computers, and more. You might want to check out those that conduct regular social activities for older adults such as worship, singing, exercise classes, gardening, and more. Read more about these activities here: Understandably, a care home is not required to have these things as they are not some sort of resorts. But these are some of the “nice to haves” that can fight off boredom and can make a life for your loved one happier and more enjoyable.

5. Fees

Money is one of the main problems for many people. If you are one of them and worried that the costs would empty your bank account, you should check the following before signing up your loved one in a specific care home.

Have a detailed and written estimate of the fees. Know if there are advanced payments and deposits required. You should know the extra items and the services that are not covered with the monthly fee. If possible, review the charges and make sure that they are calculated right, structured, and transparent.

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