Benefits of Cruelty Free Eye Creams

You may have never thought about it, but if you do, you may be shocked to see how a lot of the eye creams you use are made. A lot of these products are manufactured with a lot of testing being done on animals. This is not at all acceptable in this day and age. There just simply is no excuse for companies to test on animals. In fact, the alternatives to testing on animals are actually better. Also, brands have the ability to opt out of selling in China as well. A lot of brands have intentionally not set up operations in countries like China just in order to maintain the cruelty free status that they have. 

This is just a fact in 2021, companies that are testing their products on animals are choosing to do so. They are actively making the choice to do this and if you are anything like us, then you will not stand for it either. If you really do not want to contribute to this grizzly practice, then the best thing to do is to stop buying eye creams made by companies that test on animals. 

Let us now take a look at the benefits of switching to cruelty free brands

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It is Cruel to Test On Animals

When any beauty product is being tested on animals, know that the animal is not in the best of conditions. Not only are they placed in extremely small cages and face inhumane conditions, but the tests that they have to go through are beyond just cruel. They are often maimed, tortured, blinded, and then ultimately, killed. The main purpose of the lives of these animals is to suffer and to live in fear. 

There Are Better Options Out There

A lot of the non cruelty free brands that are out there will often say that testing on animals is done because of a reason. They say that these tests are done in order to make sure that the eye creams they are selling are safe for human use. The raw truth is that there are much better ways to make the products safe for humans that does not involve animal testing. Just for example, a lot of the companies are instead choosing to engage in vitro testing. This type of testing has a lot of advantages over animal testing. Then there are also cultured cell tissues and computer models which companies can rather use. 

The consensus within the scientific community seems to be that they also think there are better ways to test than with animals. This is because those are a lot more definite. The main advantage of animal testing is that it can be done very cheaply. Animals are mainly used in these tests because they are a bit more “affordable,” and that is just completely unacceptable. 

You Will Have Plenty of Options When It Comes To Ingredients

In order to make their particular products, a company that has the ability to choose from over 7,000 ingredients which are very safe. This is the main proof that animal testing is highly unethical and inefficient. Companies do not need to test their ingredients on animals. It is important to understand that the only companies that are still using animal testing in order to make their products are only doing so to increase profits. 

All Animals Are Equal

This is probably the main reason why we still see animal testing but, according to the law, the animals used in testing fall under a certain category legally that is not protected against animal cruelty and abuse. This law just does not make any sense. We do not let these things happen to our pets and we actively protect them from any form of abuse. The animals used in lab testing just do not have these rights. It would do us a lot of good to remember that lab animals are animals as well and that they also have rights and need to be protected against all forms of abuse. 

Not Even Cats and Dogs Are Spared 

Yes, you read that right. Our favorite animals, cats and dogs, are also being used very frequently in medical experiments. Here are some numbers that are sure to shock you. In 2013 alone, more than 67 thousand dogs and more than 24 thousand cats were used in lab testing. These are the figures for just the United States alone. What is even more shocking is the fact that they choose dogs for testing based on how docile they are. These animals suffer all the horrors of lab testing and they basically have no rights. 

Voting With Money Makes a Difference

When you opt for a cruelty free product instead of the companies who test on animals, you are sending a very plain and simple message to the overall industry in a manner that they understand. They will send the direct message that if they do not stop testing on animals then you will not be buying their products. If enough of us do this and take this approach, we are more than capable of making a real difference and stop this horrible practice. 

Thousands of Great Cruelty Free Brands 

Owing to increased awareness amongst consumers, there are now more cruelty free brands in the market than ever before. You will not be deprived of anything when you buy cruelty free products. 

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