Benefits of Contact Cooling in Laser Hair Removal

Benefits of Contact Cooling in Laser Hair Removal

Contact cooling is one of the most popular ways that clinicians and skin technicians cool patients’ skin for laser treatments. The laser handpiece, rather than an external device, cools the skin. Discover the benefits of contact cooling in laser hair removal.

Improve Patient Comfort

Cooling the skin is an effective way to reduce patient discomfort from dermatological laser treatments and hair removal. That’s why skin-cooling technology is an essential feature that cosmetic laser equipment needs to have.

When the skin absorbs laser wavelengths, the temperature rises in the epidermis and upper dermis. It doesn’t take much laser energy for this heat to feel uncomfortable. Cooling the treatment area right before and after applying the laser minimizes how much the temperature rises, greatly improving patient comfort.

Save Time

Another benefit of contact cooling for laser hair removal is that it saves time. Other cooling methods take a longer time to lower the skin’s temperature. When the clinician can’t use the laser handpiece to chill the treatment area, they must take more time to apply other supplies.

Practitioners and patients benefit from saving time with contact cooling. Practitioners can see more patients daily, and patients can save anywhere from five to 15 minutes on their procedure.

Minimize Clutter

Clutter makes a small treatment room feel confining. The more individual devices a clinician requires for a procedure, the less free space they’ll have in the room. Minimizing clutter makes it easier for providers to apply the treatment.

Patients benefit from streamlined supplies because the treatment room feels more welcoming. Excessive accessories make the space more chaotic and overwhelming, but a clean and well-organized clinic or med spa can help patients feel calmer.

Contact cooling improves patient comfort during and after skin laser treatments. It also saves time for both providers and patients and minimizes clutter in treatment rooms to create a better experience.

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