7 Tips To Have The Most Amazing Vaping Experience

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vaper, you would want a great experience for the first time and every time you do it later. This becomes all the more important if you want to switch from smoking to vaping. After all, the experience should be good enough to motivate you to stick to the decision of transitioning to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes. So what can you do to make sure that your experience is much beyond your expectations? Here are some tips that can help.

Invest in a top-quality atomizer or tank

The first thing that you need to own before you start vaping is an atomizer. When it comes to buying your first one while you switch from smoking to vaping, you should invest in a top-quality product from a reputed brand. Considering an upgrade to something latest is a good idea if you have been using an atomizer for quite some time. Avoid using a plastic tank that often comes with vape starter kits because plastic can ruin the flavor of the vape juice. Glass tanks are ideal if you like stronger flavors.

Buy the best e-liquids as well

While the choice of the right vape tank can make all the difference, you cannot ignore the importance of quality e-liquid as well. Always buy the best quality from a seller you trust. Never settle for cheaper products just to save some money because you may end up compromising with the experience. The carrier liquid of low-quality e-liquid is thinner and they may also have additives, which often affect the overall experience. 

Experiment with flavors

As a newbie or a regular, you may have a preferred flavor in e-liquids. But considering the variety available in them, you should experiment with flavors to get an awesome hit every time you try a new one. In fact, experts from RedVape.com suggest that you should explore the complete range including fruit, mint, and tobacco flavors before you actually buy your first flavor. Besides standalone flavors, you may also try blends of two or more flavors for the new experience every time you vape.  

Know PG/VG ratios and see what works for you

Another parameter that can affect your vaping experience is the PG/VG ratio of the e-liquid you choose. Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) are the key components in vape juices. These are present in different ratios, which determine the effect of a specific product. If you are moving from smoking to vaping, a high PG liquid is ideal. Conversely, an e-liquid high in VG gives you voluminous clouds and intense flavors. A 50/50 is the recommended ratio though you can experiment with the products and find the one that works for you.

Manage the e-liquid properly

If you really want an exhilarating vaping experience every time, learn to manage the e-liquid properly. Shake up the e-juice before you fill it in the vape tank. Avoid exposing the e-liquid to air because exposure can compromise with the intense flavor of the product. Also, store the liquid away from direct light because it can break down the juice quickly. Store it in a dark place to prevent the degradation of the product.

Clean the tank and coil while switching flavors

While a blend of the right flavors can make your experience a great one, getting your mixes wrong leads to an unpleasant one. Moreover, it does not let you relish the new flavor which you want to try. Make sure that you clean the tank and coil properly when switching from one flavor to another. This removes the old flavors that might still be lingering in the tank. Regular cleaning of the tank and coil are also important from the maintenance perspective. Check the coil regularly and change it when you notice a crusty film deposited over it.

Check the battery on a regular basis 

If the device battery is performing below par, don’t expect a great vaping experience. For this reason, you should keep an eye on the battery and make sure that it does not have an e-juice gunk. As a part of the battery maintenance routine, unscrew it from the atomizer and wipe with a paper towel to clear gunk. Keep spare batteries handy because you would not want to stop in the middle of a session just because the battery dies.

Following these easy tips can definitely make a significant difference to your vaping experiences and ensure that each time is better than the last one. Vaping is a skill that you can refine with regular use. Till then, just go ahead with a bold attitude, experiment and enjoy every single puff! 

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