7 New Trends You Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

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One of the first things that a potential partner or friend notices is a smile. Many people aren’t happy with the appearance of their gums and teeth. This can usually cause a lack in self-confidence and really affect our social lives. 

Luckily, dental reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry has evolved greatly over the past few years. This allows anyone to achieve their desirable smile only after a few appointments to the dentist. Learn more about these services by visiting sites like this: https://eschenbachdental.com/cosmetic-dentistry/

In this article we look at the 7 latest trends in cosmetic dentistry that you can consider to spruce up your smile. 

1. Clear Aligners

Wearing metal braces can not only be extremely painful, but also very unsightly. The process of wearing metal braces can take up to 3-4 years with regular visits to the dentist for wire tightening. 

An excellent alternative to unsightly braces is clear aligners. Compared to permanent braces, clear aligners take a much shorter time to achieve their goal and is much more flexible in anyone’s schedule. 

2. Dental Implants

Instead of opting for a dental bridge when you lose one of your teeth, you can consider dental implants. Whenever a tooth is extracted because of any medical reason, you can get an artificial tooth implanted in its place. 

Dental implants are basically customized constructed porcelain veneers that have an artificial metal root. This root is implanted into the patient’s jaw bone to act as a regular tooth in the mouth. 

It’s much better than a dental bridge, as dental bridges rely on the support of adjoining teeth for stability. This might cause it to fall out and come loose, whereas dental implants are permanently fixed into the mouth. 

3. Veneers

This is a trend that has been very popular amongst celebrities. Over the years the technique has advanced in application, making it a great way to enhance your natural smile. 

Veneers are typically designed and molded out of porcelain and each tooth is custom built to fit the patient’s teeth. Patients can even request natural imperfections, color of teeth, and spacing between choppers. This creates an enhanced natural beauty and has made it a frontrunner in the cosmetic dentistry industry.  

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4. Saying ‘no’ to Needle Sedation

Visiting the dentist can be a scary activity for many. Instead of getting a sedation shot before the procedure starts, many dentists are recommending a ‘needle-free’ sedation technique. 

Taking an anti-anxiety tablet the night before, the morning before, and directly before the procedure starts will act as a need-free sedation. It helps to calm the patient and even help them fall asleep during a scary procedure. 

5. Teeth Whitening

Extremely white and shiny teeth can look kind of fake. To appear more natural people are considering different teeth whitening procedures for a natural look. Dentists use different techniques in treating discolored choppers, either recommending less frequent whitening procedures or reducing the time spent with the teeth whitening solution on the teeth. 

Your teeth are a main feature of your face and having those pearly whites shine is important to many people. Having a more natural appearance has become all the trend lately. 

6. A.I. Predictions

In the past, patients had to use their imaginations to imagine what the procedure will result in. It has become quite a trend for orthodontists and cosmetic dentist to use artificial intelligence to predict what the outcome of a procedure would look like. 

These predictions use a combination of patient data, software, and images to create an image of the end result. Giving the patient a choice whether they want to change the look or if they like what might happen. 

7. VIP Treatment

Just like you would source the best cosmetic surgeons for cosmetic procedures, you’ll have to choose the best dentist offices for your cosmetic dentistry procedures. Many dentist’s offices are focusing on giving their patients a VIP treatment. You’ll get special, ‘celebrity’-style treatment at a high cost, but with excellent and guaranteed results. 

You don’t have to sport a fake smile to look great. Adapting and enhancing your natural smile is what it’s all about in 2020. If you are considering changing up your smile you can try any of the above trendy cosmetic dentistry procedures. 

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