6 Top Benefits Of Monalisa Touch Treatment

Over the years, women have suffered from painful intercourse and vaginal dryness but will never talk about it. However, it is about time you get over whatever makes this topic seem so shameful and see a gynecologist before the pain becomes severe. Fortunately, Monalisa touch treatment can relieve pain, vaginal itching, or dryness and cure you using noninvasive methods. The Midtown East Monalisa touch specialists have devoted themselves to offering the safest treatments that guarantee the best outcomes. Read on about the benefits of Monalisa touch treatment.

1.     Addresses Urinary Incontinence

During Monalisa therapy, the tissues in your vaginal walls are strengthened, and there is minimal stretching or laxity. These alterations cause a reduction in urinary incontinence, which aids in relieving your mixed and reflux incontinence, stress, and urgency. Moreover, the procedures address the discomfort and embarrassment experienced by many women with vaginal-related concerns.

2.     Minimizes Discomfort

Monalisa touch therapy increases the natural vaginal lubrication that aids in minimizing discomfort during intercourse. The Mona Lisa procedure uses its unique laser therapy to repair and strengthen vaginal tissues. Furthermore, this treatment relieves vaginal dryness, burning, and itching.

3.     Treats A Wide Range Of Health Issues

Vaginal rejuvenation therapy can aid with several health problems concerning the vagina, like lichen sclerosis, atrophic vaginitis, and urinary incontinence. After a few treatments, the therapy reverses the symptoms of these disorders, which is unparalleled by other conventional treatment techniques that only address limited issues.

4.     Vaginal Restoration

After undergoing Monalisa touch therapy, your vaginal tissue is restored, strengthened, tightened, and naturally lubricated. As a result, tightness and vaginal function are renewed, and your sexual satisfaction is boosted. Additionally, some troubling symptoms you have of childbirth or menopause will be minimized or reversed.

5.     No Downtime

Monalisa therapy is noninvasive and needs very little downtime after the patient has undergone treatment. Immediately after the session, you are not restricted to resting until you recover. You can follow up on whatever you had planned for the day. However, your physician will recommend that after the procedure, you avoid any vaginal penetration or intercourse for about five days.

6.     Improves Your Life Quality

Some symptoms of vaginal illness, like discomfort during intercourse, might cause an emotional burden to the females. Luckily, when vaginal rejuvenation therapy is done, you are relieved of the pain, and thus you can be active once more. Ultimately these results will boost your self-confidence, giving relief in your marriage, relationship, or daily life and therefore improving the quality of your life.

It is typical for females to suffer physically and psychologically when feelings like itchiness, dryness, and discomfort affect their sexual life. However, sitting down and feeling bad about yourself will not rid you of your problem. Unlike the previous years, where you had to undergo painful surgeries to be cured, the Monalisa touch treatment is effective and painless. Dr. Eden of ELIZABETH EDEN, MD, FACOG, is here to help you and not discriminate against you. Visit any office near you to get the necessary care or schedule a consultation online or via mobile.

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