3 Ways to Have a Successful Pregnancy with MTHFR Mutation

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of life for any couple and family in general. Unfortunately, approximately 15% of women never get the chance to hold their bundle of joy due to miscarriages, while 1% of those who desire kids suffer from recurrent miscarriages. 

While there are many culprits behind the losses, studies show that the MTHFR mutation is also a common cause of recurrent pregnancy loss and infertility. From testing for MTHFR using an MTHFR home test kit to blood-thinning injections, below are the various ways to have a successful with MTHFR mutation. 

Test for MTHFR Mutation 

If you’ve recently had a miscarriage and your OB can’t point out the reason behind it, MTHFR variant might be the cause. In that case, the first thing you should do is a test using the MTHFR home test kit before you try for another child. This is beneficial because once you test positive for the variant, you’ll take the right steps to prevent the loss of your next pregnancy. 

Note, since we all have the MTHFR gene, the variant not only affects women but can also cause fertility issues in men. It has been linked to low sperm count and low sperm quality. Therefore, if you’ve been trying for a child for a long time and you test negative for MTHFR mutation, then you should encourage your partner to take the test as well. It’ll be easier from here as your doctor will advise you on what to do to increase your chances. 

Make Dietary Changes

While studies are still inconclusive, the current research shows that the MTHFR variant can affect pregnancy in two ways. Since it causes the MTHFR enzyme to malfunction, it can either cause inadequate absorption of folate in pregnant women or cause the woman’s body to form blood clots which are harmful to the fetus. 

In that case, taking foods rich in folic acid such as leafy greens will help increase the amount of folate in the body. This consequently promotes folate absorption and as a result, prevents pregnancy loss or your baby from having neural tube defects.

Don’t wait until pregnancy to start taking foods rich in folic acid. Start consuming them as soon as you start trying for a child to increase your chances of carrying the pregnancy to term. If you and your partner have a history of facing difficulty conceiving, also include foods rich in folic acid. However, note, high intake of folic acid might harm the fetus’s brain. Make sure you consult your OB. 

Lovenox and Heparin Injections

As noted, MTHFR mutation also causes your body to form blood clots. This happens between the placenta and the uterine wall. Lovenox and heparin injections prescribed very early in the pregnancy can help prevent these clots from forming. Other than the injections, daily aspirin can also help prevent the blood clot formation. But this is still a claim as there’s no scientific evidence to back it up. 

If you’ve been having miscarriages or having a hard time conceiving or been having recurrent pregnancy loss, it can be quite devastating. However, if by now you still can’t point out the reason behind your situation, consider testing for MTHFR using an MTHFR home test kit to determine whether the variant is the culprit. 

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