3 Essential Health Benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Communities


The later years of one’s life should be spent in both an enjoyable and happy fashion. Thus, these factors become important when looking into how a senior should spend their retirement years. 

For many, continuing care retirement communities can be the perfect place to live out these later years in a healthy fashion. 

It’s understandable that you and your loved one might be very picky about where they should live out their golden years. But CCRCs can offer many amazing benefits and provide a high quality of life for numerous residents.

Want to learn more? Read on, and we’ll walk you through what you need to know. 

1. A Strong Social Network

One of the most underrated benefits of a CCRC is the strong community that it provides to its many residents. There is a large social network of people in the community who are in the same age range and share the same interests. 

Especially for those seniors who may be widows, the community and friendship provided by a CCRC can be a huge perk. Many retirement communities provide consistent activities, events, and social mixers for their residents. This way, the living environment never has to get stale. 

Maintaining and growing new friendships with other people can have huge health benefits. It can greatly enrich these later-in-life years. 

2. Wellness and Fitness Programs

It’s no secret that it can be harder to keep our bodies feeling good as we age. Ensuring that we’re getting the proper exercise and workout can be key in ensuring good health into one’s late years. 

Wellness and fitness programs at CCRCs aim to help seniors with the areas of physical fitness that can cause issues at their age. This includes flexibility, balance, brain health, and muscle strength. 

These programs continue the social element we’ve already discussed. Many seniors attending sessions together. Trainers at these sessions are well aware of the limitations many seniors face. They are very sensitive in working with residents.

You can look through a CCRC directory and see what kinds of programs are offered at communities near you. 

3. On-Site Healthcare

The likelihood of injury or illness increases as the body ages. But the presence of on-site care in most CCRCs means that help is literally just a few steps away.

Even if nothing is immediately wrong, medical staff are always on hand to conduct comprehensive medical reviews and physical examinations. It can be completely reassuring to have medical professionals always on hand to check-in and oversee the health of your loved one. 

The fact that this help remains on-site means there are no transportation woes in taking your loved one to another location for help. The help they need is always in-house and ready to go at any given moment. 

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Though it can be hard to leave one’s own home behind, there are many continuing care retirement communities worth looking into. These communities provide many benefits and unique opportunities to their residents. 

Want to learn more about senior health care in your area? Check out our helping seniors page for more information. 

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