Your Guide to Helping a Friend Dealing With Addiction

Is a friend or loved one showing signs of drug addiction?

When you’re talking to a friend who is battling addiction, you need to be careful with what you do and say. Remember, it’s unlikely that a drug addict became one because he wanted to. It’s more likely that they used it to cope with problems or certain situations.

Below, we’ll give you tips on helping a friend who is dealing with drug addiction. Read on to learn how to talk to a drug addict the right way.

1. Focus on Building Trust

When a friend is struggling with addiction, it’s important to let them know you trust them. This doesn’t mean they’ll trust you in turn. Your aim is to gain that trust.

As much as possible, avoid accusations and criticisms. Don’t nag, lecture, or yell at them. This can destroy trust and lead them to get closed off.

Use disorders on drugs like opioids are a chronic condition. This means willpower isn’t enough to make them stop using. However, you want them to know that you have faith they can fight it off with willpower and help.

2. Show Love and Support When Talking to a Friend

Do you want to know how to have a relationship with an addict? It’s like having a relationship with anybody else except it will take more effort and patience from you. You will also need to believe that they can get through their addictions even when they don’t.

When your friend starts showing signs of addiction, treat them with love and care. Tell them how you’re worried about their health. Let them know you acknowledge that they’re going through a difficult situation.

Never make them feel guilty for doing drugs. 

3. Your Words and Actions Must Be Consistent

Don’t show your friend or loved one mixed signals. You can’t tell them you want them to stop, yet do nothing when they partake in the activity. In the same manner, you can’t tell them you support them and later ignore them when they’re spiraling.

Confusing them can only lead to complications in the situation. It strips away the trust you built in the beginning. If you promised them that you’ll help them get sober, stand by your word and be there for them. 

4. Encourage Rehabilitation

It’s not enough to be talking to a friend about their drug use. You need to encourage them to take the next step. That is to get clean by going to drug rehab.

Learn how to get someone to go to rehab. Don’t force them to do it. A drug addict needs to decide to go to rehab because he wants to get clean.

If you see your friend is anxious, offer your support and reassurance. Tell them about the benefits of the treatment and being sober. Help them research treatment options and community resources.

5. Speak When Your Friend Is Sober

When your loved one is under the influence, your concerns aren’t likely to get through to them. Wait until they are sober before you speak with them.

Another great tip is to make sure you’re both in a neutral place when you have this conversation.

Help a Friend Get Help

That’s it for our guide on talking to a friend who is dealing with addiction. When you talk to a friend, always expect complications, especially when they aren’t ready to get help.

With our guide on how to convince someone to go to rehab, we hope you’re successful in helping out an addicted friend. If this post was helpful, you may want to read some more about addiction. Check out our other guides for more informative content.

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