Your Biggest Health Concerns When Working From Home

Your Biggest Health Concerns When Working From Home

The benefits of working from home vary from person to person, but many people find that working in their home is a better option for them than going to an office. As working from home has become increasingly necessary, people find ways to make it work for them. However, it isn’t without issues. You must know your biggest health concerns when working from home so that you can take care of yourself no matter where your job is.

Back and Neck Pain

You likely have to work at a desk for extended periods hunched over a computer if you work from home. Perhaps you need to do this more at home than you would have at an office. It’s important to remember that our bodies shouldn’t contort in ways that are comfortable to look at a computer screen. Unless you have an ergonomic seating arrangement, neck and back pain are all too common reasons to make sure you stretch yourself out regularly.

Lack of Movement

In a similar vein, working from home can cause you to move even less than you would at an office. Office work often involves moving to different people’s offices and different floors and going out for lunch or on a break. When you work from home, it’s normal to get too comfortable in one position and not move all day long. Not moving for such a long time is unhealthy for many reasons, including muscular and cardiovascular problems.

Eye Strain

One of your biggest health concerns when working from home is eye strain. You are most likely staring into a computer for the vast majority of your day. Blue light from computer screens can cause serious eye strain issues, headaches, and brain fog. Take time every 20 minutes or so to look up from your screen and refocus your eyes somewhere else. Blue light glasses can also be useful for those who can’t escape screens for their work or leisure activities.

Mental Health: Social Isolation

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and working from home provides its challenges. Even people who love working from home can experience problems with feeling as though they are socially isolated. All humans—introverts and extroverts—need some form of social interaction to function properly. Stay aware of when you haven’t spoken to others for some time; it can do you a lot of good to reach out and connect with others on a deeper level.

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