Why Your Oral Health Is Linked to Your Overall Health?

Many people do not take care of their oral health seriously like other areas of their body. Ignoring the health of your teeth or gums can adversely affect your overall wellbeing. Any illness in your body can be traced to your oral wellbeing, therefore you need to concentrate on your entire body to avoid such. Here’s what you need to know about your oral and overall health.  

The link between oral health and overall health 

Your mouth is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria if you ignore hygiene measures like brushing, and flossing. Some harmful bacteria from your mouth can enter your digestive tract and start causing infections, especially if you have tooth decay and gum disease. That’s why regular brushing and flossing daily can keep such bacteria under control. Also, consult your doctor on medication side effects before you take them.

Some medications like painkillers and antidepressants lower your saliva levels, which is responsible for washing food, and neutralizing bacteria in your mouth. Sufficient saliva protects you from microbes increasing, which may cause diseases. Oral bacteria can cause gum diseases, while other diseases like diabetes can lower your immunity, leading to severe oral health issues. 

Diseases associated with oral health

Did you know poor oral health can lead to the following conditions? 

Endocarditis – When bacteria spreads within your bloodstream, it will infect your ventricle or heart chambers. Your valves won’t be spared either if germs from your mouth infect your bloodstream, spreading through your heart. Visiting affordable dental in three locations will ensure you get treated early enough to protect your heart from further damage.  

Heart disease – According to some research, though not understood fully, poor oral health has a connection with cardiovascular diseases. These investigations indicate that blocked arteries and stroke have an association with swelling and bacterial infections from the mouth.  

Reproductive health – Premature birth, as well as the low birth rate has long been associated with Periodontitis, which is a severe gum infection. 

Lung-fever or pneumonia – When bacteria from your mouth spreads to your lungs, it may cause pneumonia or other lung diseases.

Diabetes – Diabetes is known to lower the body’s immunity, thus puts one at risk of severe gum diseases. This is why many diabetics present with gum diseases during regular clinic checks. Gum disease makes it difficult for diabetic patients to control their blood sugar levels, hence the need for regular checks to control the condition. Also, HIV/AIDS patients suffer sore mucosal lacerations due to oral problems. 

Oral health preventive measures

● Take good care of your oral hygiene daily by brushing your teeth twice a day. Ensure you use a fluoride toothpaste and a soft brush. 

● Floss daily and use mouthwash to clear remaining particles after you brush and floss.

● Limit your sugar intake and eat healthy food.

● Do not overuse your toothbrush. Replace it at least every three months. But if it wears out quickly, replace it immediately.

● Ensure you attend regular dental checkups and cleaning for a lifelong good oral health. Also, avoid tobacco intake.

Oral health and overall health have a relation as discussed above. If you notice any problem with your oral health, affordable dental in three locations will take care of it. Always put in mind that your oral health is an asset in your overall health.

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