Why Switch to an Organic Perfume?

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Most people do not think about it, but perfumes are one of those things that we cannot live without. We use these fragrances on a daily basis as we naturally want to smell good throughout the day. However, you may recall a situation wherein you bring in a new scent and tell yourself “no way this smells natural”? Well, that is probably because it isn’t — most perfumes out there in the market are made synthetically using all sorts of chemicals that we can barely pronounce.

The problem with synthetic fragrances

Now you might be thinking — so what if the perfume I am using is not organic? Should it not matter as long as I smell good? What most people do not realize is that synthetic fragrances on the market are loaded with chemical ingredients sourced from a variety of petrochemicals (as high as 95%). The problem with these ingredients is that many of them have been found by recent medical studies to be a contributing factor to a wide range of health problems from allergies, asthma and hormonal imbalance to nerve-related disorders, neurotoxicity, congenital disabilities and even cancer.

Consider the following ingredients frequently found in synthetic fragrances that are known to be harmful to the human body:

Galaxolide (synthetic musk)

According to the National Resource Defence Council, Galaxolide is one of the most common ingredients used in many synthetic fragrances today due to its long-lasting scent. Unfortunately, the same element has been found to disrupt hormones in the human body. For decades, people have been exposing themselves to synthetic musks unaware of the health risks.

One of the first things people ought to know about synthetic fragrances is that they are not subject to the same ordinances concerning the disclosure of potentially harmful ingredients. Manufacturers can claim that the exact makeup of their scent is a “trade secret” that they cannot afford to disclose.

Keep in mind that the skin is the biggest organ in the human body and tends to absorb whatever it comes into contact with straight into the bloodstream. Traces of the compound have been found in breast milk, and blood samples as the chemicals are hardy enough to survive wastewater treatment and eventually get into natural water sources.


Another common ingredient used in synthetic fragrances and one that can disrupt the natural flow of hormones in the body. Parabens have estrogen-like qualities that can be a contributing factor to the growth and multiplication of breast cancer cells.


An ingredient that is primarily used as a preservative in synthetic fragrances in a bid to make them last longer. Unfortunately, it is also a carcinogen known to cause congenital disabilities, infertility, liver and kidney disease and other serious health problems.

Should you switch to organic fragrances?

Despite the risk, the use of synthetic fragrances continues to proliferate as they are cheap and simple to mass produce. The raw materials required are readily available in vast quantities unlike that of natural scents. Artificial fragrances are also much more robust and last longer than their organic counterparts. Still, you have got to ask yourself — at what cost?

Nowadays, people are beginning to question the shortage of transparency in the ingredients used in hygiene products. The demand for chemical-free fragrances has risen as they are the healthier and safer alternative to synthetic fragrances. These are made using essential oils extracted from nature.

Anything from flowers, plants, fruits and tree resins can be used in perfume making, and the same practice has been around for thousands of years. It was the only way to store fragrances in a bottle before the advent of artificial replacements meant to aid mass production and maximize profits.

If you are concerned about how the use of synthetic fragrances might affect your health, then that is all the reason you need to consider switching to an all-natural alternative. Products like Flora Remedia are 100% organic and not only good for you but the environment as well. Such products are made with essential oils that leave a positive influence on your emotional and physical well-being.

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