Why It’s Important To Protect Your Head With Hats in Summer

Why It’s Important To Protect Your Head With Hats in Summer

People generally wear more hats in the winter due to the cold temperatures and the fear of getting sick, but some don’t realize that you can still be affected by the heat in the warmer seasons. Ultraviolet light is emitted by the sun year-round, but we face it head-on in the summer due to the planet being positioned closest to the sun.

This means that we must be extra vigilant about keeping ourselves calm and protected to prevent many issues from occurring. This is why head protection is important even in the summertime, so you’ll know to be cautious and take care of your head and overall health.

Why Should I Wear a Hat in the Summer?

The primary reason you want to cover your head is to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Taking in excess sunlight exposes your skin to radiation which can cause skin cancer. You also need to be aware that as it gets hotter, you will sweat and lose quite a bit of moisture from your body. This can cause you to become dehydrated, and you can then overheat.

This overheating can cause heat exhaustion, leading to heat stroke in the most extreme cases. Similar happenings occur in winter conditions, which is also why you need to wear warm headgear in the winter. Having a hat or covering over your heat will help you keep the moisture under control, so you don’t dehydrate, and you’ll stay cooler over a longer period of time.

Conditions Your Head

When you have a protective covering over your scalp, your head can stay in its natural condition. Everyone has oil that their skin releases to help condition itself. This keeps it soft and elastic, and also allows it to retain moisture.

However, this oil can cause your skin to fry like an egg in the sun with enough heat and sunlight. This can lead to sunburn and dry scalp and even strip your hair and make it brittle, even potentially resulting in hair loss. So, keeping your hair and skin protected is equally important to your overall well-being.

Prevents Emergency

When you’ve been in the sun and exposed to the heat and light for too long, you can suffer from it greatly. You could experience dehydration from prolonged heat exposure. So, it’s best to prevent this the best you can by staying shaded with a nice hat, or something to shield your head from the sun on sunny days—and even on overcast days. Forecasters often say that ultra-violet light is concentrated on cloudy days, and therefore still harmful to your skin.

Now that you know all the pitfalls of sun exposure, you know why head protection is important even in the summertime. So don’t forget to wear your hat when you’re outside sporting, or even when just running everyday errands.

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