Why First Aid Training Is Important for Teachers

Why First Aid Training Is Important for Teachers

There is a lot of research and reason for teaching educators how to handle medical emergencies. Though their main focus is to teach, they ought to know what to do when a child chokes or has a severe injury on the playground. Here is why first aid training is important for teachers.

Ensure School Safety

The central reason that first aid training is critical for teachers revolves around school safety. Most schools have between a few dozen to a few thousand people studying and working in the same vicinity. Unlike most other work or home situations, schools are places of high population density. Because of this influx of people, the risk of a medical emergency also increases. Having trained personnel working around the building and in the classrooms decreases safety risks to the students. Adults can also experience medical emergencies, so having fellow adults trained in basic lifesaving practices can make all the difference in the world.

Reduce Immobile Bystanders

Most emergencies happen around other people; we spend the majority of our time at home, work, or school. In these situations, many people will be unable to help and stand frozen, watching someone suffering without knowing how to address their problem. Training teachers in first aid reduces the number of immobile bystanders in emergencies. Instead of a group of untrained people crowding a hurting individual, a teacher can step into the mess, bringing order and care into an otherwise chaotic situation.

Improve Security Elsewhere

Every new person trained in first aid is another person able to help in critical situations no matter where they occur. Though training teachers is primarily for the benefit of students during the school day, teachers are people who go home, travel places, and run errands, among other things. Trained teachers improve the level of security for everyone wherever they go. With the knowledge in hand, teachers can step into stressful situations and perform CPR, bandage small wounds, and use an AED on children and adults alike.

Knowing why first aid training is important for teachers ought to encourage anyone working in childcare to become certified in first aid and CPR. If you do not know which course to take, research what first aid training includes and figure out which class best suits your needs. With even just one more person trained on basic lifesaving skills, dozens more children and people will stay safe in an emergency.

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