Why Buy a Ski Jacket (Even If You Don’t Ski)

Winter can be a harsh and unforgiving time of the year, with temperatures dropping to freezing levels and cold winds blowing through the air. Worse, the snow and ice in front of your home need to constantly be shoveled out of the way. With all this, it is no wonder that most would rather stay indoors in the company of a heater or a fireplace.

However, for times when you really have to go out, you need to be protected against the harsh winter conditions. While coats and thermal jackets are definitely the go-to choices for winter wear, another new option has become increasingly popular: ski jackets.

While ski jackets are designed with hurtling down slopes at high speeds in mind, they can also be beneficial and useful for ordinary people. This is especially true for those who do not do well in the cold, or who want to keep warm as much as possible.

With the advent of online shopping, it is also much easier to purchase ski jackets. Outdoor equipment companies like Arc’teryx manufacture and ship ski jackets in all shapes and in men’s and women’s sizes. As well as being perfect for wintry conditions, they also come in a variety of colors and shades, making them quite a fashion statement as well.

Here are some qualities of ski jackets that make them a perfect choice for winter wear.

Water resistance

On a particularly snowy day, the snow on your clothes may accumulate, thereby wetting your clothes and bringing your skin in direct contact with these frigid drops of moisture. Ski jackets are able to prevent this from happening, as they are made from waterproofed fabrics that disperse moisture and allow you to simply wipe away the droplets. This also makes ski jackets easier to wash and dry, making them perfect for regular use.

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Of course, ski jackets are reinforced with insulating material designed to keep you as warm as possible. However, there are other unique ways in which ski jackets can keep you warm. If you order matching pants, some jackets can be attached to these pants, creating a onesie of sorts. This ensures that each part of your body is well protected against the cold, and also prevents snow from getting into your pants or up your jacket.

Added hood protection

Should you choose to keep the hood on, the hoods of ski jackets are designed to fit over additional gear such as helmets. When using a ski jacket in normal circumstances, this allows you to fit other protective headgear like beanies or earmuffs beneath your hood for additional warmth. Most hoods are also adjustable, which can prevent them — as well as any snow droplets — from falling over your eyes.


In freezing conditions and having to bear the additional weight of thick clothes and coats, the last thing you want is to have to carry and reach into a bag for something you need. Fortunately, ski jackets come with a wide array of pockets. This eliminates the need to carry a bag when going outdoors and allows you to simply keep your valuables on your person, which is also a much safer option.

If you want to keep as warm — but as comfortable — as possible in winter, buying a ski jacket is the perfect choice for you. Try one out during a particularly harsh winter, and you will be prepared to face any snowstorm that comes your way.

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