Which courses is it worth investing in as a hairdresser in 2022?

There are jobs that require constant learning and adaptation, and hairdressing is definitely one of them. Which courses are worth taking in 2022 to elevate your qualifications as a hairdresser and increase your chances of landing a well-paid job as a result?

The more niche skills you have (aside from the regular ones), the more chances there are that the local hair salons will fight to get you on board! As a wanna-be hairdresser or a beginner in the industry, you most likely observe the changing trends and know that every professionalism should adapt to them. Especially now, in the Instagram and Tik Tok era, the fashion is changing like a kaleidoscope, and keeping up with it is one of the biggest challenges for the hairdresser. 

Our suggestions based on the recent trends may help you find a direction for your hair stylist/hairdresser professional development and increase your chances of getting hired by a good salon.

#1 Hair extensions course

Semi-permanent extension methods are gaining momentum, and thus, the demand for skilled hair extensions specialists is rapidly growing. Clip in or tape in hair extensions are still popular, but more and more people use the extension methods as a way to, for example, add their hair some volume in long-term. Fusion methods are perfect for that. We recommend getting skilled both in hot and cold fusion. Keratin hair extension treatments require professional assistance and equipment, and they are both highly sought by clients. After such hair extension course, you should be able to pair the extensions with both coloured hair and natural hair.

#2 Creative coloring

GenZ is all about uniqueness and embracing identity with looks. Beauty standards no longer apply – young people want to stand out, be bold, and be one of a kind. That is visible not only in the makeup trends but also in hair coloring. 

The young clients of hair salons often want the hairdressers to treat their hair as a canvas, creating patterns and bold color combinations. Animal prints, saturated shades – applying such effects on hair requires exceptional skills that are worth perfecting during professional courses. You can also learn to apply colour hair extensions in a seamless manner.

#3 Advanced hair care

A good hairdresser is also a good listener, observer, and advisor. If the client doesn’t apply appropriate haircare, the result of the hairdresser’s efforts may be ruined soon after the haircut. It’s worth gaining deep knowledge on conscious haircare popularized in recent years. Often, a little tip on choosing the shampoo or conditioner according to hair porosity is a real game-changer for the customer.

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