What You Need to Understand About Hashimoto’s Disease

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Although it seems tiny, the small gland found in your neck is responsible for regulating a few of the most critical functions in your body. It helps manage your body temperature and keeps your heart working. It also helps control the way you breathe.  

But there are times when your thyroid gets inflamed, causing it to function less than it should. Without enough thyroid hormones, several of the body’s functions will soon start to slow down. Visit a doctor in Salt Lake City right away once you confirm that you have this kind of disease.

The truth about Hashimoto’s disease   

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disorder that causes damage to the thyroid gland. The injury could lead to a drop in thyroid hormone production in the blood. Once that happens, the person will feel sluggish and constipated most of the time. They will also suffer from hair loss and brittle nails. The person’s face will also become puffy, and his tongue will appear enlarged.    

Leading causes of Hashimoto’s disease

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There are several reasons a person can develop Hashimoto’s disease. Some experts believe that a virus or bacterium can cause it to happen. Meanwhile, others believe that a genetic error in genes is the culprit for having such an autoimmune disease.   

Excessive exposure to radiation can also cause a person to become prone to Hashimoto’s disease. Another probable reason that can make a person more susceptible to this disease is an existing autoimmune disorder.  


If left untreated, the virus could force the thyroid to produce more hormones. As a result, it will get inflamed. Although it is not painful, an inflamed goiter can affect a person’s bodily functions. It includes a few standard processes such as breathing and swallowing. Hashimoto’s disease also increases the risk of developing heart problems. People with an underactive thyroid gland often suffer from low-density lipoprotein. If left untreated, it can cause the person to have an enlarged heart. Even worse, it also increases the likelihood of heart failure.  

The disease can also cause a person to suffer from depression and anxiety, which can get worse over time. It also affects a person’s libido and can slow down their mental functioning. Neglecting to treat Hashimoto’s disease can cause congenital disabilities to women. Women who have developed thyroid problems have higher risks of giving birth to babies with birth flaws. Furthermore, these children are also more susceptible to acquiring developmental and intellectual issues.   

Early detection can save your life

Spotting thyroid disorders at their early stages can help save a person’s life. With thyroid disorders on the rise, it is crucial that you watch out for their symptoms before they get worse.   

The best way you can protect yourself is understanding the symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease. If you notice any lump or bulge on your neck, it is best to visit your doctor right way. Although the condition is on the rise, forms of thyroid disorders are still rare. Early detection can help you find the proper treatment for your health condition

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