What to Expect From A CBD Dosing Chart for Pets

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Do you know what CBD can do for your pets? Are you aware of the effects it has on dogs, cats, horses, and generally any mammals? If not, then you are missing out on a lot and you should do some more extensive research on this topic. I suggest you start with finding a useful source on the endocannabinoid system and learning about its role both in people and in animals.

My topic today doesn’t have to do with the benefits of Cannabidiol for our animals, and I wasn’t planning on mentioning that at all. Then, it hit me. There might still be some people who don’t know what this is and how it can help their little friend. That’s why I have decided to briefly touch upon the effects of CBD, before moving on to the main topic.

CBD Effects on Pets

The first thing that people always wonder when these products are in question has to do with its psychoactive properties and the possibility of getting their animal high on CBD. Let me make myself as clear as possible. It is absolutely and utterly impossible to get an animal high on Cannabidiol. I could go on about this forever and explain how CBD and THC are completely different compounds.

Since that’s not the topic of today, however, I will leave you with the info that CBD products cannot get your pet high. What they can do is ease their pain, relieve inflammation, manage and control seizures, alleviate anxiety, and, in some cases, prevent the growth of tumors. This is a small portion of what is to be expected from Cannabidiol, but, as I have already said, we have something else to discuss.

Since I am now moving on to the main topic, if you want to read more about Cannabidiol, go here: https://hempgazette.com/cannabidiol-cbd/guide-cannabidiol-pets/

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Dosing Charts

While most people are already familiar with Cannabidiol and its effects on animals, a large percentage is still not sure about how to dose the product correctly. When you start opening your browser and start searching for information about this, you definitely won’t have a hard time finding it. What seems to be the problem, then?

That’s exactly what the problem is. There are all kinds of websites and pages offering a chart to help you calculate the dosage, with each page showing different data. That is bound to leave you even more confused than you were before. With various pieces of advice coming your way, you cannot know whom to trust and which piece of advice to take.

If you are confused, then the first thing you should know is that your reaction is completely normal and natural. There’s something else you need to know, though. There’s a reason why all the charts are different. It’s because manufacturers all produce different products, with various amounts of CBD inside. Their charts are adapted to their products, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

While it is perfectly normal for these calculations to be different and while you should always look at them in connection with the specific product that you buy, there are some things that you should expect to find in any chart you stumble upon. In other words, there are things that all the charts have in common, and if the one you have come across doesn’t show you certain information, you should skip it. Let us see what information I am talking about.


By now, even the birds must know that the right dosage of CBD depends on your animal’s weight. It would be nonsense to give the same amount to your cat and your dog. Of course, you might have a rather large cat, or a very small dog, but you get the point. Weight is the number one determinant of a proper dose.

This means that the chart you find should have a column dedicated to weight and you should be able to find the weight of your pet in there. When you find it, the right dosage should be written in that row. I took the liberty of choosing rows and columns as an example, but the truth is that those are probably the most common charts you will find.

Regular Amount

The next thing that the chart should show you is the regular dosage. This is the amount you should give to your animal in case you are using CBD to promote its wellbeing, or if the symptoms you are trying to alleviate are not that severe.

Increased Amount

If your pet is experiencing some very serious symptoms and you believe that CBD can help, chances are that it will require a higher dosage. A good chart will provide you with information on how much you should increase that dosage, since you don’t want to take guesses and exaggerate.

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