What Is Gluten, and Is Eating It Bad for You?

What Is Gluten, and Is Eating It Bad for You?

Gluten is something you’ve probably been hearing a lot about lately. Gluten-free diets are becoming more and more common: but why? And should you be eating gluten-free, too?

If you want to know what gluten is and if eating it is bad for you, we go over what you need to know in this introductory blog.

What Is Gluten? What Does It Do?

Gluten is a structural protein found in cereal grains like wheat, barley, and rye. It’s common in foods like bread, pasta, and cereal.

As for what gluten does to your body, it doesn’t do much. It doesn’t contain any essential nutrients and isn’t necessary for your health. However, glutenisa prebiotic, and there’s evidence that it helps promote gut health by providing food for beneficial bacteria, thus creating healthy gut flora.

Is Eating Gluten Bad for You?

Now that you know what gluten is, you may wonder: is it bad for you? The rise of “gluten-free” foods and diets make gluten sound like something unhealthy you don’t want in your system. But is this really the case? Gluten gets a bad rap, but this isn’t warranted. Most people will have no reaction to gluten at all. These folks can eat gluten products with no discernable effect on their health.

That said, gluten can trigger symptoms like bloating, nausea, or pain for some. Wheat allergy is a common reason people react negatively to gluten. Another common cause is celiac disease, which causes the body to produce an immune response upon consuming gluten. If you feel unwell after eating gluten, testing for celiac at home or in your doctor’s office can help you pinpoint the source of this abnormal reaction.

To Eat or Avoid

So, the final verdict? For most, gluten is healthy to eat. It won’t harm your health; in fact, it may even improve it by fostering a healthy gut. But if you have an allergy or celiac disease, steer clear. You’ll react badly to this protein and feel sick after eating it. Look for gluten-free alternatives instead.

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