What Does An Orthodontist Do?

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Have you ever scheduled an appointment with an orthodontist? These visits are crucial at a young age so as to prevent future problems with misaligned teeth. 

Orthodontics specialists provide patients with a wide range of straightening methods, malocclusion treatments, palatal expansion, and regular check-ups for monitoring tooth development. 

These procedures are the perfect solution for people who face speaking, chewing, and swallowing difficulties. Besides providing dental pain relief, orthodontic treatments help patients get a brand new smile that no longer causes embarrassment.

Take a look at the most common reasons for scheduling an orthodontic visit. 

Straightens your teeth

Perhaps the most common reason for visiting an orthodontist is getting your teeth straightened. These professionals are experienced in choosing the right straightening method in accordance with the age and dental issues of their patients.

For instance, parents are advised to schedule an orthodontic check-up for their children in order for the dentist to determine the optimal time for this procedure. Although not all kids require such methods, a professional is still supposed to monitor their teeth development. 

Apart from children, straightening solutions are also available for adults. Regardless of your age, you shouldn’t be discouraged from visiting an orthodontist. Considering the variety of alternatives, such as clear braces or the Invisalign treatment, these dentists can provide a convenient solution for every patient. The Invisalign treatment involves wearing removable aligners, which exclude metal wires. Visit this page to check out the most common causes and treatment for crooked teeth.

Treats malocclusion

Malocclusion, otherwise known as bad bite, refers to a dental disorder that results in a misaligned jaw due to the inability of the upper and lower teeth to fit together. An orthodontist is capable of determining the type of bad bite, which can be a crossbite, an underbite, a deep bite, an open bite, crowding, or teeth spacing. 

Moreover, these dentists provide patients with an extensive range of bite correction options, depending on the type of bite. After careful inspection, an orthodontist will determine the appropriate treatment for your issue and discuss the details of the treatment. 

Some bad bite issues cannot be corrected with one of the standard methods, as their severity might require surgery. Nevertheless, these professionals are prepared to guide their patients through every step of the procedure as well as address their main concerns. 

Expands palate

Palatal expansion is another common orthodontic procedure that is usually performed on children and adolescents. In order to prevent teeth crowding, orthodontists use a special device called a palatal expander to widen the roof of the mouth. 

Although this procedure might result in discomfort, patients no longer have to worry about their lack of teeth room. Palatal expansion can be used in adults as well, but it takes a longer period to provide the necessary results. Most adults face overcrowding with the growth of wisdom teeth, which tend to crowd the neighboring ones. If you are reluctant to have them removed, palatal expansion can be a more convenient solution.

Ensures proper tooth development

Regular orthodontic check-ups can be beneficial for controlling the factors that affect tooth growth. Baby teeth tend to affect the growth of adult teeth, which results in malocclusion. 

These professionals suggest dental procedures that can be performed in order to avoid future straightening methods. It’s paramount for a dentist to observe tooth growth at an early age, as it’s the only way to avoid orthodontic problems. 

Adjusts braces

Most Round Rock Orthodontics specialists perform an orthodontic adjustment to ensure that patients’ teeth are straightening correctly. After getting your braces, you are expected to schedule regular orthodontic check-ups in order for the dentist to track the progress.

Additionally, by monitoring the straightening process, these professionals will prevent spacing and crowding issues from happening, which might result from overly fast or slow progress. As a result, they will adjust the wires accordingly. 

Furthermore, the orthodontists’ job is to make sure that patients’ braces aren’t faulty. It’s common for brackets and wires to get broken without the patients knowing. Anyhow, dentists look for the potential damage of the equipment on every check-up, thus fixing the pieces before they get completely broken.

Relieves pain

Orthodontists can reduce the pain that is caused by experiencing orthodontic issues. For example, most of the patients suffer from headaches and mouth discomfort when dealing with problems like crowded teeth or bad bites. 

In addition, patients are also likely to suffer from cavities, enamel, and gum disease, which may cause unbearable pain. However, by addressing your orthodontic issue, the dentist will not only make your teeth look beautiful, but he/ she will eliminate the pain. Consequently, you’ll no longer have to experience awful pain when swallowing or chewing food. 

Increases your confidence

Apart from performing various dental procedures, an orthodontist can do wonders for your confidence. Most people having misaligned teeth suffer from low self-esteem, as they consider themselves not beautiful enough to smile. Being embarrassed by your smile might harm your mood and pride. 

Therefore, scheduling an appointment with such a professional can genuinely boost your confidence and improve your way of life. You will no longer have to hide your smile when laughing with your friends or feel insecure when meeting new people. 

Wrap up

Don’t let your age prevent you from scheduling an orthodontic appointment.

It’s never too late to have the smile of your dreams! 

Go for it! 

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