Ways to Protect Your Baby from Getting Sick After Birth

Ways to Protect Your Baby from Getting Sick After Birth

Finally getting to bring your newborn baby home with you is one of the most exciting times in your life as a parent. After nine months of preparation and planning, your baby can now settle into the nursery you painstakingly built for them and thrive. However, although you might think you’re out of the woods once your baby is safely tucked into their crib, they’re unfortunately still susceptible to germs and bacteria. With still-developing immune systems, newborn infants face the highest risk of getting sick in their first few weeks of life. Therefore, as a parent, it’s important that you find ways to protect you baby from getting sick now so that they can grow up happy and healthy.

Stay Vigilant and Informed

When it comes to keeping your child safe, knowledge of their overall physical health is key. This is one of the many reasons to keep handheld medical devices, such as a pulse oximeter, in your home with you. This device allows you to track your infant’s vitals and ensure everything is normal. By understanding the risks and keeping updated on your baby’s current condition, you can react immediately when you notice a problem.

Get Your Child Vaccinated

If you want to keep your child healthy, it’s also important that you get them vaccinated as soon as they’re old enough—typically around one to two months. These shots help your baby’s immune system develop a resistance to certain diseases that could be detrimental to them later down the road. Likewise, anyone who will be handling your child should also be up to date on all their vaccinations to reduce the chances of spreading an illness.

Limit the Number of Guests You Have

Another important way to protect your baby from getting sick is to limit the number of people you allow to be around them. Even though you’re probably eager to show off your new arrival to all your friends and family, there’s no telling what types of germs they could be carrying. So, until your baby’s immune system is strong enough to fight off various bacteria, it’s recommended that you limit visitors to a select few people.

Avoid Public Spaces

You should also take care to avoid public spaces for the time being. Just as you don’t know what your family members could be carrying, you have no way of knowing what germs your baby could be exposed to in the park or at the store. For this reason, it’s recommended that you not take them on outings with you for at least a few weeks after you bring them home.

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