Ways to Handle Pharmaceutical Staffing Issues

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American citizens today are witnessing an extraordinary amount of changes to their country.

Nearly one hundred years ago, our grandparents and great-grandparents were witnesses to the Great Depression, a time in our nation’s history when the economy was sluggish and it was difficult for many Americans to find jobs and food.

For the people that lived through it, it made a lasting impression on them that impacted how they lived their lives from that point forward.

Many Americans alive today have been through two recessions already, not to mention a pandemic, a major terrorist attack, and hundreds or even thousands of minor terrorist attacks that continue to happen with frightening regularity.

There is a light in the darkness, however.

Right now we are experiencing the golden age of the American worker. The last time Americans worked together to help combat the dehumanizing influence of big business was more than one hundred years ago. 

Since the eighties, wages have stagnated while prices continue to rise, leaving workers feeling trapped, taken advantage of, and disvalued. This has led to a movement the media calls “The Great Resignation.” Fed up with the unhealthy or inhospitable conditions many were forced to endure at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of workers decided to quit their jobs. Click here for more information.

For the first time, people were leaving their jobs in droves without having another job secured. That is because they decided that they were worth more than what they were being given at their current job and, after looking their own mortality in the face for months on end, they decided that they would have to make the decisions that were right for them.

Of course, there is a flip side to this movement. While it can be seen as empowering for the American worker, it is causing quite an issue for many companies that are struggling to fill job vacancies in this new climate.

With pharmaceutical staff, this is even more of an issue. That is because the candidates have to be highly trained, limiting the number of people who are well-suited to the available positions.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some techniques and tricks to help if you are experiencing a pharmaceutical staffing shortage at this time.

Telecommute Your Way to Success!

One thing that many companies are embracing is the idea of telecommuting.

This is a work style in which employees are expected to perform little to no in-person work at their job. Instead, they complete their work remotely.

They are given assignments over the internet through their email or other managing software. They are able to attend meetings through a virtual meeting host, such as Zoom or Skype.  Many people claim that they are more productive when working at home. 

They also report a better work-life balance because they are able to attend to the little things during their work time. At the office they would never be able to throw in a quick load of laundry with the intention of folding it when their work was done for the day. Click the link for more information about the importance of work-life balance

But when they work at home, this is possible.

In cases where work can be done remotely, this might be a good option for your staffing needs.

Promote Those Perks!

If you’re having a hard time filling positions, it might be time to take a look at your job listings.

Many job-seekers are looking to get a good idea of what a company has to offer them before they commit to the long hiring process. The easiest way to do this is to look at the posted job listing.

Things they are looking for include salary. Although it can be difficult to pin down a number or a specific range, not doing so could be costing you qualified candidates.

Once you’ve done that, then it’s time to take a good, hard look at what you’re bringing to the table.

Things that will draw in candidates include family leave time, paid vacation, health and dental benefits, and mental health support.

Remember that the job market has changed in the last two years. Even offering one or two of these benefits could put your company at the top of a candidate’s list. 

But make sure your ad is honest. While you may think there is plenty of time to negotiate later, once you’ve got the candidate in the door, think again. Altering perks after the hiring process has begun is risky and is likely to put off job-seekers.

Not only are they likely to decide not to seek employment with your company, they may go to the internet to share their experience with other potential employees on job boards or work-related networking sites. 

In this case, you may find it exceedingly difficult to fill any empty positions from that point forward.

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Go to the Experts

One option that many research laboratories, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and hospital administration staff are finding beneficial is to work with a private firm to help them staff.

This is for a number of reasons.

The first reason is because it saves them labor hours. Hundreds or even thousands of labor hours can be put into the hiring process. This takes dedicated, talented staff members out of rotation while they spend day after day trying to find the right person to fill the vacant position.

The second reason is because staffing companies are able to better analyze a person’s record through their extensive interview process. They may have a history with certain employees and be able to send them straight to work in a position they are well-suited for instead of spending weeks on the hiring process.

You may want to check out one of these qualified services to see if they are right for you. Click the link: https://www.biotechexecutivesearch.com/staffing/pharmaceutical/ for an example of one of these companies. 

Hiring can be difficult and time-consuming. Make sure to stack the deck in your favor by following these tips!

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